Deepwell / Sayas Umbril


Although the campaign continued past this point, I don’t have adequate notes to present the remaining adventures.
A quick synopsis:
- Found the city of Carpana and gained access to its library. Since the library was written on stone slabs it had survived being nearly abandoned. Learned the location of Gotten Hall.
- Vemal’Ka was never destroyed. The sword was confiscated after the players were arrested in the city of Kotenaugh for destroying a bar and torturing its owner. The party was satisfied to be rid of the sword. They were released from prison after a few months of laboring in the salt mines.
- The party met Mirmanel’s (Mind Flayer Vampire) minions and thwarted their plan to reverse the mountain building ritual of Sahnt. They found the mountain building artifact.
- Gunter was captured by intellect devourer servants of Mirmanel, and brought to him by them for interrogation. A raid on Mirmanel’s hidden lair, in Narleth Hearth, to rescue him was underway. Unfortunately, he was already turned to vampire spawn (although the party did not know that yet).

That is where the game was left.

The Matter of the Sword

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Deepwell, on the road, and the town of Orrin.

(another canned adventure because I could twist it to my purposes and I found it interesting.)

Skiritai still carries Vemal’Ka in his Bag of Holding. Influential people are starting to keep tabs on his whereabouts. Vania Ardent and Erith Zaub are commonly seen in proximity to wherever Skiritai is at. The party is at odds about what to do with the sword also. Rumors of Ganthol coming to get the sword and of Palidans from the Hold of Mazyur approaching make the discussions more heated.

Skiritai chooses to touch the sword. The swords speaks to him only “The power to smite your enemies.” The sword does not smoke in his hands as it did for Magoo.

Skiritai is confronted by an assassin, whom he manages to kill. He is badly wounded though, and retreats to a bar frequented by his friends for backup. His friends and him have a disagreement about his possession of the sword, however, Skiritai will not willingly relinquish it now.

Ganthol Argus asks to have the sword so that he might guard it. Skiritai refuses.

Word of palidans coming to Deepwell from the Hold of Mazyur and the near continual watchful eyes of Vania Ardent and Erith Zaub prompt the characters to leave Deepwell. The party leaves quickly and travels fast. They pass through Stonewall and Arrow Creek and then continue overland to Blackwell. At Blackwell they rejoin the road and journey to Parmount.

In Parmount they seek out the Heratic Guild of Mages (because Twylla knows the History of the Ravagers and thinks that she recognizes Vemal’Ka). The Guild is easy to find as they maintain their own defensive works within the bounds of the city (albeit small) and are commonly known to the populace. The concept of a Guild of Mages is unusual to the dwarves and elves. In the KoS dwarves have other guilds, but not groups of spell casters. The elves don’t really have organized groups of anything. Even their combatants are only loosely organized.

The players pay the guild 5gp for a days worth of research within the library. They are supervised by a guild member (sage librarian) because they are not members of the guild. Nicas/Gunter mentions to the librarian that the sword has been found and that some palidans have left the Hold of Mazyur in pursuit of it. He also says that it is his job to learn how to destroy it.

(Obviously, the librarian is interested about research into an item that holds so much meaning in the history of the guild. He passes this information onto his superiors. Though the librarian is a low level mage and unable to control scrying magic he can create Silent Images that allow his superiors greater ease (DC 10) when attempting to scry Nicas, Gunter, and Dorin. (This remains unknown to the adventurers))

The characters find a picture of the weapon that confirms that it is the one that Skiritai carries. They don’t find any more descriptions of its powers. They also find information about Saithnar, the warlord most renouned for defeating the Ravagers on a continual basis. His Kingdom was to the southeast of Parmount, in a land that is now heavily forested. His capital city was Carpanas. The characters find information about an old road that leads off into the forest. The road is in good condition and is currently used by the villages surrounding Parmount. However, it ends in a short wall (4’ tall) which is easily bypassed or climbed. Most characters find a path around the wall, but Gunter insists on jumping his horse over (finally succeeding on his third try). The party travels through the burn area (the edge of the forest area when Palef was destroyed.) and into the larger forest.

The road is in poor condition as it goes through the forest, but far into the woods the road shows signs of maintenance again. The woods are exceptionally quiet. Several small homesteads are seen, but they are all abandoned. Suddenly, the party hears hoofbeats from the road ahead. Horses travelling fast. The party watches as some frightened peasants approach, apparently fleeing from somone. Behind the peasants comes an armored knight at full gallop. The party moves to intercept the knight. The characters figure out that it is a ghost, but too late to save the peasants. The Horseman kills the peasants on the road. Skiritai turns the apparition. The undead knight takes one last look at Skiritai before it vanishes. Oddly, the peasants were in possession of an incredible amount of gold (for peasants anyway).

The party notices a small homestead not far away that actually seems to be inhabited. They meet and stay the night with Tarbie and Tanashu and bury the peasants there. Here they learn about the troubles facing the town of Orrin. It seems that they are under a double threat of elves and this spectral knight. Whenever anyone attempts to leave the town they are murdered by one or the other. Food is getting scarce as there is not much game left in the woods and people are too scared to do much farming. Dorin gives some of his rations to Tarbie and Tanasha. The players offer them the gold that the peasants were carrying, but they refuse.

The next morning the party travels on towards Orrin. They come to the town Chapel first and meet Henwen. Henwen seems a bit crazy and spends here time praying to the seven gods of the chapel. She moves from statue to statue spending time at each one. Her compulsive praying disturbs the characters. Her companion disturbs them also. It is a strange furry animal that none of them has seen before. Skiritai notices that the seven gods in the chapel are all gods of neutral alignment. Dorin and Koperfeld stay in the cemetary surrounding the chapel and look for names on headstones that they recognize. Searching for the burial place of Saithnar.

The players arrive in Orrin. The are two square borders of stones that surround the town. The outer stones are all guardian animals, the inner stones are guardian humans, and there are some central stones which are plinths. All of the stones are huge (think Stonehenge or Easter Island). Torgrim identifies the writing on the stones as being a protection blessing in Druidic. The townsfolk surround them when they enter asking for help. The Cuckoo (local bard) calms the crowd and talks to the players about the trouble with the grugach (wild elves). He tells them about his friends in town and during the conversation the mayor comes to meet them. The players tell the mayor about the peasants that were leaving town and give the gold to the mayor. The return of the gold elicits a sullen mood from all of the townsfold. The gold was to be used to buy food. The fact that the stewards did not succeed depresses them all.

The elves attempt to kill the mayor while the characters are talking. The arrow strikes the mayor with a deadly blow, but Skiritai grabs the mayor, pulls him to the ground, and casts a heal light wounds on him – saving his life. Torgrim and Gunter mount up and chase a retreating elf (an illusion, unknown to them) as it runs toward the forest. The invisible elf sneaks away. He is spotted by Skiritai because Vemal’Ka grants See Invisibility, although Skiritai does not know this. Skiritai attempts to point him out, but friends have no chance to see the invisible elf because they are too far away. Tully (the local fighter) comes racing out from the tower after the encounter. The players mock Tully for her tardiness.

The players talk to Dyson (the local sorceror) and learn the nature of the standing stones outside the town and of Saithnar’s tomb (and that Tully destroyed the tomb’s door warden – a wight). He tells them little about the red horse on the hill. The players decide to enter Saithnar’s tomb to discover what they can about the sword Vemal’Ka.

The guardian wights are easily destroyed and the traps have little effect. The adventurers contact Saithnar, but they do not fight him. They agree to leave his tomb if he answers their questions about Vemal’Ka. Saithnar tells them about the druid Dydd’s spells that changed the forest animals into humans to help him fight the Unholy Knights of Erythnul (the Ravagers). He tells them that Sarthorum was his second cousin. He tells them that he does not think the sword in inherently evil, because the wielder decides the sword’s purpose – not the sword. Dorin asks if he will take the sword. Saithnar says he will. Skiritai refuses. Saithnar provides them with a map of his domain and tells them of a greater library that he had in Carpanas. He has not left his tomb since he died though, so he does not know about the current condition of Carpanas. Saithnar is interred here in Orrin instead of Carpanas because this is his birthplace. The characters leave the tomb.

King's Assassin

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Stonewall and environs

The players keep watch outside the walls of Fort Ulden. A messenger comes and goes without molestation. The searches around the fort by its denizens does not flush the players. Retreats by flight protect them from most types of tracking. A hawk sent out by the ogre also does not flush the players.

The soldiers then leave the fort and travel towards Stonewall. The players wait until their companions return from Cliffside before following. They follow the troops south toward Stonewall. Enroute they are intercepted by a message from Twylla.

Rufurio Artruce has been attacked by Magoo and he is mortally wounded. He is waiting outside Twylla’s house to try to contact her when she returns home. Rufurio has discovered the assassin’s plot to kill Ganthol Argus (king of Deepwell) and wrongly implicate Cliffside. Though Rufurio was wounded with Vemal’Ka he has eluded Magoo. Twylla casts a healing spell on him and takes him to the Temple of Chronepsis. He gives her a Quall’s Bird Token and entreats her to ruin the ambush. Twylla leaves him in the care of Aria Parlanta. She returns home and writes a message to Dorin describing in detail the recent events and discoveries.

The party meets with Twylla at Fort Morgast. From there, they travel overland southward to the road between Stonewall and Deepwell. A couple Perytons glimpse them, but do not engage the party. On the south road the party travels towards Stonewall with plans to continue towards Sahnt Hall looking for either Ganthol (Ganthol was in Sahnt Hall making his case for Palisade to the King of Kings, Argren Thelurn) or signs of the ambush. At a crossroads a few miles outside of Stonewall they stay at an Inn named ‘The Rock’. Here they speak with the proprietor about business and learn that Magoo had spent a night here a short time ago. He is not there now. They leave the inn and head west to Stonewall.

West of Stonewall the party meets with Ganthol Argus and his small escort coming from Sahnt Hall. They speak to the king about the rumored ambush that lays ahead. Ganthol proceeds to Stonewall and stays the night there. In Stonewall they purchase plain tabards to wear instead of their coats of arms.

The party embarks the next day with Hillias, Dunragn, and the rest of the king’s small entourage. The king is notably absent. Dunragn tells the players not to concern themselves with that. Gunter suggests using an Alter Self potion to impersonate the king, and gets permission to do so.

They come upon the scene of ‘The Rock’ burning down. They correctly guess that this is the work of the ambushers. The ambushers wait until the party sends out Torgrim, Twylla, and Skiritai to investigate the fire and find the proprietor. In the ensuing battle, most of the dwarf guards are killed except for Dunragn, Hillias, and two initiates of the order of the Bow (and the players). Gunter is attacked by Magoo, but he amazingly survives the death magic and poisons used by the assassin. However, Gunter is affected by the Dire Wounding magic of the sword Vemal’Ka. He drinks a Neutralize Poison elixir provided by Torgrim which protects him from the secondary damage of the poisons in his system. He then gathers as much of the healing potions and scrolls as possible and rides towards Stonewall with Twylla. Nicas flys ahead to find a priest (because he can travel the distance faster than the horse can) that can meet them at the gates. He makes contact with the Church of Pelor, promises the priest payment for his immediate services, and describes the nature of the wound. Nicas, the priest, Gunter, and Twylla meet at the gates of Stonewall. Gunter is in very good condition considering the nature of the Wounding curse, but continues to deteriorate under the effects of the Dire Wounding. The priest inspects the wound and casts Remove Curse upon Gunter, which counters the effect of the Dire Wounding.

The party reunites, sets to gathering the equipment of the ambushers, Magoo’s body, purchases a wagon, collects the fallen members of the king’s guard, and travels to Deepwell.

In Deepwell they have a conference with the king (Ganthol arrived before they did). In this conference they reveal all that they know about the plots of Kangar Gref along with what evidence they have to support them. They talk about:
- the release of the vampire and the possibility of it being Srindal
- the Illythid vampire Mirmanel
- the ‘wearing off’ of the mountain producing spell cast by Sahnt
- what course of action to take regarding Vemal’Ka. Skiritai suggests finding a powerful good dragon to guard it until they can determine how to destroy it. The dwarves disagree with this idea. Skiritai still carries Vemal’Ka in his Bag of Holding. Ganthol decides to demand that the sword be given to him to defend as he is better prepared than the players to guard it. Before he can do this, however, the party leaves Deepwell.

This is the end of the Kangar Gref scenario. Certain evidence definately casts enough suspicion on Kangar that he is apprehended for questioning. His daughters and known associates are apprehended, if possible, and interrogated also. One of Kangar’s front men is not in Stonewall at the time and getting word of the crackdown flees to Buntaros View (possibly beyond). Enough evidence is presented by Ganthol (the trial is in Stonewall, afterall Kangar is a Stonewall citizen) that Kangar, Ilda, and others are executed. Kangar’s daughter Vula is determined not to be involved with the plot and is spared. Magnus Hillborn is so shamed by Magdan’s weakness and (unintentional) involvement in the plot that he retires to Bergbui (giant territory) to end his days fighting giants (a not quite uncommon custom). Magdan does not follow his father to Bergbui instead staying behind in Deepwell.

All of the party members are rewarded by Ganthol for their efforts in exposing the plot of Kangar Gref. Gunter is offered the position of Captain of the Guard for his brave impersonation of the king. Gunter declines the position, but states that when he is done adventuring he would be honored to join the king’s house.

Vampires and Mountains

Gunter Tornsong

Location: Cliffside

Torgrim, Skiritai, and Gunter travel to Cliffside to determine whether the troops at Fort Ulden are students or mercenaries. They do find that the residents of Cliffside do not know of any schools of Kangar’s nearby. This seems to satisfy their interest.

However, before they can return to the fort there is a large earthquake. The mountains around cliffside change noticeably. In particular, there is a large ridge between Cliffside and Ulden. The population of Cliffside is talking about the changes in the landscape that are occuring in the area. The changes are dramatic as mountains appear and disappear into the ground.

The players do not gain much of interest from the sages and clerics of Cliffside, but they do discover that something similar has happened before. Sahnt made earthquakes and made the mountains grow to push the orcs away from the KoS (at the time known as the “Seven Kingdoms”). The players also discover the existence of the ruined city-state of Lengarl and a wall that was built from Sahnthall (formerly Fethis) to Cliffside (Cliffside was just a fort in those days). This wall does not seem to exist now.

The players decide to venture out to discover the cause of the disturbance. On their route they meet the refugees from the mining camp Tirinith (who are heading towards Cliffside). Among the group they meet Godar Din, a cleric, and sage of Sahnt. He tells them about the divided ruin of Lengarl. He also mentions the existence of Duergar roaming about. Tirinith is the furthest north encampment.

Following Godar Din’s directions the players make it to Tirinith camp and discover the damage that the earthquake has done to the place. They spend the evening here. Gunter notices a figure searching the camp in the darkness. This is an illythid vampire spawn. The illythid mind blasts Gunter and stuns him. He tries to carry the dwarf off, but he cannot carry that much weight (dwarf and full battle gear). Combat with Skiritai and Torgrim causes him to take gaseous form. The players think that it is a sorceror illythid at this time.

They track the illythid back to find a former skirmish scene. There are two duergar there and evidence of there having been more duergar and more illythids. The desicated husks of the two duergar make the characters realize that the illythid is a vampire or vampire spawn. They follow the illythid tracks and find a cave entrance into the ground (or an exit in this instance). Many humanoid tracks leave this place in different directions, but always to the northeast, east, or southeast. They correctly guess these tracks to be made by duergar. They track the duergar northeast until they find a wall. They have no knowledge of this wall from their maps and do not make the connection between the wall indicated on the old map and this one. This wall has towers every half-mile and it is approximately 15 feet tall. The placement of the defensive works indicate that the wall was used to defend against attacks from the north.

While, searching along the wall they see a dark line along the base of the wall a few miles away. Using his spyglass Torgrim learns that it is a duergar group huddled along the wall. The players venture to meet the duergar.

The contact with the duergar is tense, but goes well. They learn about the existence of the illythid vampire Mirmanel from the duergar. This vampire is the reason that the duergar are on the surface at all. The players correctly surmise that Mirmanel’s actions are related to the vampire Srindal.

During the conversation with the duergar another earthquake happens. Torgrim and Gunter are hurled off the north side of the wall taking minimal damage. Skiritai catches himself on the wall’s merlons. They feel the rushing of wind past them and realize that the wall has moved one quarter-mile south. They realize at this point that the wall they are standing on and the wall on their old map are the same wall. They decide to return to Cliffside and inform the King, Gorgich Vorrn, that the spell cast by Sahnt to make the mountains grow is coming to an end and the mountains are going away.

The excess ridge line around Cliffside has disappeared, so the characters go to meet their companions down at Fort Ulden.

They have spent 5 days in the countryside north of Cliffside.

Second KG Fort

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Fort Morgast

The party catches a break and discovers the existance of Fort Morgast. Morgast is a fort built into the side of a cliff wall. It has a worked stone wall protecting one side and a large cliff on the other. An ogre druid, paid by Kangar, has taken up residence here with her goblins troops. She has a unique spell that allows her to polymorph animals into monsters.

Following an old road to Morgast the party encounters and quickly dispatches a minotaur. This is unusual because there has never been a minotaur sited in the eastern Kingdoms of Sahnt. Speaking to people in towns they have been in along the way they discover that the goblins have been stealing animals.

After they arrive at Morgast they start reconnaissance of the fort. They witness the creation of a hydra from a tangle of snakes and the creation of cockatrice from chickens. This fort also seems in better repair than the previous stronghold. They leave to report their findings to Deepwell.

Dunragn Harn sends out Magdan Hillborn with some troops and Ilda Gref as clerical support. They party is involved also. The players and Magdan Hillborn do not fraternize peacefully. There is no friendliness between him and the party. Magdan feels that they are merely adventurers that do not know how to work with a group well. The group thinks somewhat less than that of him. The two groups cannot agree to anything and so they stage a two-pronged attack against Fort Morgast using more-or-less independent strategies. When they decide to attack the players decide to fly in and open the gates from the inside. This is less than sneaky and the defenders are alerted. In the initial charge, Nicas (riding on the back of his flying Shield Guardian) is struck by an arrow poisoned with Carrion Crawler brain juice. He is paralyzed. Without new instructions the Shield Guardian continues to follow the last command and continues flying – right over the fort and away into the wilderness. By the time Nicas recovers from the poison and returns, the conflict is over.

The party successfully removes the threat of the monster maker and her entourage at Fort Morgast. Annoyingly, the ogre druid that was making the monsters has escaped, but the rest of her retinue has been killed, with the exception of one Dire Bear and Burdug, the goblin adept.
Ilda did not get the opportunity to destroy much evidence (this was her secret mission on this outing), but her clerical knowledge has put her in good standing with the dwarves. Skiritai’s assistance with the healing has also shown him to be a more generous cleric than many dwarves had thought. The important loot in the back rooms was claimed for the players by Torgrim (who got there first and pocketed them). The loot in the tower and on the combatants bodies has been claimed by Magdan for the expedition. Expedition booty is to be handed out to the survivors of the expedition and surviving family members of expedition members on return to Deepwell.

Very notably, the players have gained the maps owned by the ogre druid. They show the path used by the ogre to come north (from south of the Burnline) to the KoS, and the location of another fort.

The other fort is Ulden and it is located near Cliffside. This is a training ground maintained by Kangar Gref for his dwarven troops. The ogre has retreated to this fort. Only one dwarf here knows the identity of the ogre (as she is polymorphed into a dwarf – which is unknown to the party). The others only know that this dwarf is very unusual because she is a druid.

Torgrim has done some good espionage (invisibly infiltrated the base) and determined that there may have been some correspondence between the fort and Kangar. They have recreated a note between the garrison commander and someone referred to as K. The note indicates the loss of the troops at Fort Morgast and the presence of a visitor from Morgast in Ulden. The theft of the paper has been noticed and the fort is now at alert. The ogre can talk to the plants and is capable of tracking the players even though they use fly spells to move around.
Wanting to verify that the entire compound is definately troops in the pay of Kangar, Dorin has prompted some characters to travel to Cliffside to determine if the fort is an official school. Torgrim, Skiritai, and Gunter travel to Cliffside. They do determine that the residents of Cliffside do not know about any school of Kangar’s nearby. Technically, this does not prove that Ulden is not a school, but they are going with it. They do not make it back to Ulden directly (see Vampires and Mountains).

Behind the Scenes

This is not an adventure but, rather a description of background information handed out to individuals of the party. Setting up current and future plot lines.

New Arrivals:
Aria Parlanta – A priestess of Chronepsis. When she arrives in the Deepwell/Sayas Umbril area she immediately starts building a new temple. She hires dwarves to make the base structure for the temple and grounds.
She sees the elf population as being great potential targets to acquire worshippers. She is interested in meeting Skiritai because he is part of the reason that she is here. She has been sent by Per Skalis (Aria’s and Skiritai’s High Prist) who has been tempted to expand the religion into the humanoid societies by Skiritai.

Erith Zaub (Half-Elf) – Palidan – He is not sponsored by the Knights of Mazyur, but he is on decent terms with them currently. He has been drawn to Deepwell by the reports of Osyluths being sighted in the area.

Adventurers! – Deepwell is crawling with adventurers now. The rumors of adventure and sightings of monsters has brought the seekers of treasures. This may be short lived as many of the creatures are not native to the area and do not have any real valuables.
More adventurers may increase contact with the duergar and vampires in the underdark. The duergar have been steadily progressing upward in the underground because of the depredations of a vampire. However, if they make some kind of alliance with Srindal this may change.

Coin castings – A few coins in the city have been found that have an ogre’s face on them instead of a dwarf’s. The secret: these coins are reminted and are part of Kangar’s payment to the ogre who is creating the monsters in the forests from the local wildlife. The coins may have been stolen by a dwarf that is doing the minting, or the original plates were lost and subsequently found by a child that is having fun minting coins. In either case these coins link the ogre to the dwarf community. Torgrim was passed such a coin while he was shopping in Stonewall.

Palisade – Palisade is an upcoming dwarf community whose ownership is in contention between Cliffside and Deepwell. However, Palisade wants to be its own kingdom. The community leaders decide it is time to make the play. Deepwell and Cliffside both want to be the first to make the city stay as a part of their own territories and hedge the other out. This requires them to both out maneuver the other and support their claim to Palisade.

First KG Fort

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong
Hiza takes her leave and returns to the Township of Iberal. Torgrim’s assignments are ended until the dwarf hierarchy can think of another mission. He joins the party.

Location: Abandoned dwarven fort in the mountains.

(This is a canned adventure which is why I stopped taking notes really. It fit in easily with my story and I found it interesting so I used it – with a few alterations. The orcs were converted to goblins and ogres. The main villains – the ogre Ulfe and the goblin Adept Burdug – were retained. Although, converted and fortified. The description only has a few of the highlights rather than the entire expedition in detail.)
The Forge of Fury

Trying to route the goblin raiders the party follows Skiritai (tracking the goblins) to the local base of operations. This base is an underground compound in the mountains between Deepwell and Stonewall.

The party reconnoiters the entrance to the complex. There is a long open path up to a cleft in the mountain wall. Visible within the cleft are some goblin sentries with bows. How many goblins are in the cleft is unknown. Having a few alter self potions and party members that speak goblin the party decides to disguise themselves as goblins and approach the complex. The plan is not well discussed though and Gunter uses the ruse just long enough to get within striking distance of the first sentry. Their cover blown when Gunter slays the first guard with his sword, the other party members are stunned by the sudden change in plan – as well as by the barrage of arrows shot from the arrow holes in the walls. The party charges up the cleft in the mountain receiving arrow volleys all the way up. The end of the path is somewhat disappointing when the party discovers a locked door at the end of the otherwise dead end passage. The party does manage to kill a few of the goblin archers, and protect the rest of the party, while Torgrim works on opening the door.

The room beyond the door is also made to slow any attackers down. A single rope bridge spans a chasm, while 3 rock pillars provide cover for attackers on the other side. Unfortunately for the goblins, several members of the party either walk on walls or fly. The goblin guards on the far side are engaged quickly which allows remaining party members to cross the chasm without molestation. The remaining goblins in the entryway try to retreat. One may have even made it away.

The party continues on into the fort. As they walk through the rooms they find that it seems deserted. As expected, they eventually meet the inhabitants. All in one room; Using crates as cover. The melee engages and the monsters find themselves on the side that is losing, but they have no significant escape route. Torgrim invisible sneaks up to the crates so that he may climb over and attack the creatures from behind. He discovers Burdug hiding in one of the crates casting spells secretly from cover. He attacks Burdug, but misses (even at this range). Burdug takes Torgrim down with a sleep spell then makes her getaway from the battle invisibly. There is no question about the winners in this fight and Burdug decides to retreat to safety.

While searching the remaining rooms for more goblins and ogres the party finds a staircase that leads down.

The stairway leads down into some caverns that are only partially worked. In the cavern area they find another entrance to the surface, the sarcophagi of the last dwarfs to inhabit the fort, a large sinkhole disappearing into the depths, and a small iron door. They encounter stirges, troglodytes, a dire bear (which they lead to the surface), gricks, and a large lizard (which they run away from). The party resolves to continue on because they hear the echo of hammers on anvils coming up from the sinkhole. They choose not to try to scale the walls of the sinkhole and hope that another path exists beyond the iron door.

The lower levels of the fort are definitely more dangerous than the upper levels. The party meets and treats with some duergar that are working in the forges. They meet and destroy a gray ooze, a wight and its skeletons, an animated table, and an allip. They free a (unknown to them) succubus and lead her to the exit. She kisses Torgrim (I believe) as a ‘thank you’ on the way out. The level loss is only temporary. The party is none the wiser.

There are two major combats in the deepest areas of the complex.

The worst battle occurs when Gunter investigates a small ledge in the caverns that is on the other side of an underground stream. The ledge is the home of a roper which immediately attacks. The party soon learns that the roper’s tentacles can reach across the stream so it can attack members that were hanging back. The fighter types get involved in hand to hand combat with the creature. Its strength sapping tentacles prove nearly deadly as it weakens Dorin, Gunter, and Skiritai. The missiles launched by Twylla and Torgrim, and the relentless pounding of the shield guardian finally win the battle. The roper crumbles into rubble.

A scary, but not so close, battle occurs when the party delves down into the bottom caverns and discovers the lair of a small black dragon. The wily dragon uses its knowledge of its home and the darkness to its advantage. It separates the party down to the individual, almost. The dragons darkness spells hamper even the dwarves. Skiritai’s light spells cause bright areas throughout the caverns. The dragon drops the heavily armored Dorin into its lake. Dorin’s exceptional ability to hold his breath allows him to walk to the shore before he drowns. In the end, the dragon is forced to retreat when Nicas polymorphs into a sahuagin and uses his shield guardian to pursue the dragon into the lake. The wounds it received from various party members forced it to back down from further fighting.

The party, content that they have cleared the old fort, finally exits and returns to Deepwell.

Introduction of Torgrim

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Grimthan and warrior’s tomb in the wilderness

In Deepwell and Stonewall:
A marriage between Kangar Gref’s daughter Ilga and Magdan Hillborn (the son of Magnus Hillborn) been arranged. The Magdan will proclaim that he loves Ilga, but in reality he is marrying her to settle his gambling debts (unknown to the party). He is very embarrassed by his debt and will go to great lengths to avoid having it discovered.

This is almost the fruition of Kangar’s plan. He intends to have his family become part of the royalty of the KoS. He will not personally be royalty, but his lineage will. Magdan Hillborn is the first son of Magnus Hillborn – the Captain of the watch. Magnus is the younger cousin of Ganthol Argus – the King. Magnus is actually the next in line to become king since Ganthol does not have any qualifying children currently. Although Magnus has a lower station than Dunragn Harn – General of the Defenders, and Hillias Laveroc – Grand Initiate of the Order of the Bow, should Ganthol die then both would support Magnus in his ascention to the crown. Of course, this means that Magdan would essentially be next in line and his children – Kangar’s grandchildren – would be after that. This would probably take 100 years or so, but dwarves have a lot of time on their hands. The important part is that Ganthol must be removed before he has heirs. Magdan and Magnus are unaware of Kangar’s schemes.

Kangar has been trying to make Ganthol a less popular regent by creating a feeling of insecurity around Deepwell. This will allow his future son-in-law to save the day by running off the various goblins and monstrous predators, as well as possibly catching the bandits that murdered the king. Also, the clerical talents of his daughter Ilga are bound to make her the friend of any dwarven squad under Magdan’s command.

The party has learned that Magdan Hillborn has announced that he is in love with Ilga Gref and is going to marry her soon. While they feel uneasy about this announcement and believe that it must be part of Kangar’s evil (their words, not mine) plans – they do not learn the significance of this until much later.

Meanwhile, in the party’s lives:
Torgrim is introduced as the spy sent down to the duergar town that the party discovered previously. The duergar town is called Grimthan. This is one of the remaining settlements after the dissolution of Lomishthan (large Duergar city of history). The duergar have been fighting a losing battle against a vampire (not Srindal). This town has only 200 duergar in it. Since the discovery by the player characters the inhabitants have decided to move so that the dwarves will not attack them in force. They have a few things to do before they go.
1) Tell Kangar Gref where they are going. Not the whole town – just Audhild Ungart.
2) Find an artifact that will help them in their fight against the vampire.

Torgrim has gained the confidence of Audhild during his spying operation. Audhild believes him to be from one of the other duergar settlements. Torgrim has found out about the 2nd goal above. The dwarf commander has decided that he does not want the duergar to possess whatever magic item they have found. He sends the player characters down to make sure that the duergar do not find it.

The players are changed to appear as duergar and journey down to Grimthan where they meet Audhild. He mentions that he already has a party going after the artifact, but he has another job that the players could do for him if possible. The other job is goal 1 from above. To do this he gives the players three items: a map to the meeting area with his associate (Audhild does not Kangar Gref by name), a map to where the duergar are moving to, and a statue of a snake that Audhild says allows him to contact ‘his associate’.

The players accept this job, without pay, because they think Kangar Gref will be on the other side – alone. They leave at about the same time as the duergar party that is looking for the artifact. Though given the chance to follow the searching party and succeed in their mission, they choose instead to work towards their own interests in Kangar Gref.
They meet some of the Vampire Spawn of the vampire that has been terrorizing the duergar. They take serious damage, but do win. The vampire spawn are forced away, but not destroyed. They then come to the caverns of the Carrion Crawlers. They kill only one Carrion Crawler and avoid the others. On the other side of the caverns is the rendezvous point. They deliver the information and snake statue to the guards that are stationed there. Torgrim has previously made copies of the maps that Audhild gave to him, so they have not lost any information. They talk to the guards for awhile. Disappointed that it is not Kangar Gref and that he is not likely to show up, they leave. The entire trip takes 4 days.

Undiscovered is the body of Ulegar Loderr (or what remains of it) in the Carrion Crawler infested caverns. This unfortunate dwarf in the owner of Fort Morgast (unknown to the party yet). Magoo has murdered him and threw him into the caverns. Magoo then used magic to take his place and make it look like he took a long trip to the south (after telling all of Ulegar’s friends that he did this, of course). Since the current inhabitants of Fort Morgast are from the south also, Kangar hopes that these clues will lead people to believe that Ulegar is somehow responsible for the raids by goblins and monsters when the Fort is discovered (which it will be. All part of the plan.).

They return to Grimthan. The town has been moved. Audhild is waiting for them. He tells them that the other party has not returned and that he has another map if they are interested in trying to get the artifact. The party agrees.

They find the location of the artifact without difficulty, using the map. It is a hill tomb.
The hill tomb has a few obstacles.
First, the cap rock has to be removed. This is not difficult with three strong characters.
Second, there is a shaft 65 ft deep that they have to climb down. Hiza almost dies falling from the rope. Nicas casts Feather Fall, and Hiza uses her Cat’s Fall power. She does not die but the party gets more cautious and decides that a knotted rope should be employed.
The first room is a burial chamber (fake). The players remove the sarcophagus cap rock and immediately get attacked by an animated statue. The statue wields a +2 heavy mace and a +1 shield. Figuring that nobody goes searching for a measly heavy mace, they search for secret doors.
Third, they find the hidden passage leading from the room. At the end of the passage is another pit that leads down to a pool of water. The pool has two water elementals hiding in the pool. Nicas uses his lightning bolts to kill the water elementals.
Fourth, there is an open room with a wand of magic missle erected at the center. Anyone who comes into the room gets missles shot at them. There are 4 missles at each casting. This is the last obstacle before the actual burial chamber. A dash across the room to grab the wand and remove it from its holder is all that is needed to disarm the trap.
The burial chamber has 5 bodies in it. One in each corner and one in the sarcophogus. None of them are undead (although the party suspects they are for some reason). There are: four +1 suits of studded leather, four +1 small wooden shields, one +1 longsword, one +1 battleaxe, one +1 morningstar, one +1 shortspear, four silver rings worth 55gp each, four fine cloaks worth 350gp each, four regular heavy crossbows, four chests with the following contents each:10,000cp 1,400sp 170gp, 40pp. The sarcophagus contains: one +2 splint mail, one +1 mace of disruption, one Rod of Searing Light – 8th level – 18 charges, two blocks of Incense of Meditation, one Ring of Climbing. 30,000cp 1,500sp, 500gp, 90 pp, and some gems: 50gp, 11gp, 90gp, 100gp.

The party returns directly to Deepwell leaving Audhild wondering what happened. They must be careful since they have been polymorphed into Duergar by Linthoram Malocra. They must contact him first so that they can get him to undo the spell before they are spotted by dwarven or elven guards. A task made more difficult by the heightened alertness of Deepwell’s denizens because of the recent depredations by goblins. However, they party makes it back without incident.

Another Osyluth

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Deepwell and wilderness

What has become of the remaining Osyluth? What remaining Osyluth? Why the second one that Oren summoned, of course. You didn’t know about that one? Oh. Well neither did the party, until now that is.

The other Osyluth successfully stole the Battlehammer clan’s battlehammer. However, when it returned to its rental lair (room at an elvish inn, which the characters had not previously investigated, but had clues to) it was confronted by a paladin (Vania Ardent). She had discovered the devil and tracked it to its temporary abode. She wounded the Osyluth before it ran away. A wound from Vania’s sword prevents a creature from plane traveling for 10 days (Dimensional Anchor). The Osyluth escapes the combat and leaves Vania behind, unable to follow. Vania goes to the Battlehammer clan home to discuss what she has learned with the clan. At this time the players arrive to find the discord at the clan home due to the theft of the hammer. Several of Dorin’s siblings are preparing to search for the hammer. Vania suggests that a ranger/cleric (Skiritai) that has been accompanying her assist the players to find the Osyluth before it can escape back to Hell. She shows the players where she lost sight of the Osyluth. The players track the Osyluth north of High Tower and into the canyon with the dwarf statues and into the underground. The Osyluth having no other allies is creating undead as it goes and having them guard its retreat.
First encounter: zombie dwarven adventurers (x7).
Second encounter: skeletal kobolds (x56).
Third encounter: undead purple worm (x1).
Fourth encounter: the Osyluth and his summoned Lemures (x16).

The Osyluth tries to frighten the players by making an illusion of an Ice Devil coming to attack the party. Nicas dispels the illusion with magic missles.
The Osyluth sends its Lemures to attack and tries to divide the party by using ice walls during the fight. The Osyluth has much better Darkvision than any of the players and it knows it. The room that the encounter occurs in is so large that the devil can stay outside their range of sight and still use its Ice Wall ability. Nicas levitates Twylla to the top of the wall (thus preventing further castings to increase the height of the wall, as it is nearly to the roof). The Osyluth encases Nicas in a hemisphere of ice to reduce his effectiveness. The fighters are on one side of the wall and the bard, psion, and wizard are on the other. The fighters and Nicas’ shield guardian break their way through the wall. The Osyluth had tried to knock Twylla from the top of the wall. It failed the attempt, but Twylla tried to escape the Osyluth and fell anyway. The devil then started to attack the psion and the bard, hoping to kill them before the others broke through the ice wall. It did cause some wounds before the shield guardian broke through the wall allowing the fighters to cross through the boundary. It was killed before it could retreat.
Dorin recovered the family battlehammer.
The players also found:
(x3) potions of invisibility
(x2) potions of intelligence
(x1) potion of bull’s strength
+1 silver longsword of fire extinguishing (39 charges)
Boots of Spiderclimb

Unkind Bard

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Jaros Point, Buntaros View

There is a bard that is singing a song about the evil acts performed by the notorious ‘Dorin Battlehammer and company’. In fact, there is such a bard in Jaros Point that has learned the song from a bard in Buntaros View. Dorin is unconcerned because he has made a mistake with his last name, but other party members convince him that this is something they have to stop or it will become a problem. The party confronts the bard and he tells them about the bard he learned the song from in Buntaros View. He doesn’t know the bard’s name though.

The party travels to Buntaros View without incident.

Asking around town and hanging out at various bars eventually leads them to the information that they want to know. His name is Luther Osymus. Luther is actually a polymorphed devil, although he hides it well. He is an Osyluth. He was summoned by Oren Patrimas – a spell caster in the employ of Kangar Gref. The devil has prevailed over Oren Patrimas but still is under the sway of the instructions it was given. Oren tried to convince the devil that spreading rumors about the players would be fun, but he resorted to demanding that the devil do it. However, the osyluth was able to convince (threaten) Oren’s imp familiar to free it of its binding (when Oren wasn’t around). The devil then surprised Oren is his own workshop and defeated him. At this point, the novelty of being on the prime material plane has it too giddy to do much more than cause problems disguised as a human.

After finding the shapechanged Osyluth (as Luther Osymus) and the Imp (as Oren Patrimas) in a bar in Deepwell, the players openly challenge them in the streets outside the bar. After the players kill them and the devils return to their normal form the public support for Luther and Oren disappears. The players require only a little assistance to prevent the dwarves on the devils side from getting into the fight.
The players acquire: Oren’s Shield Guardian. A little smaller and weaker than the typical variety, but still quite potent.

The apparent death of a citizen gets the city guard involved. The party is quickly absolved since the victims are infernal beings. However, Bragust Hoth, the local representative of the Golden Knights of Mazyur (paladins) is taking a keen interest.

Interviewing people that knew Oren and Luther leads them to Oren’s house. Bragust Hoth accompanies them. The house seems like a dead end until they discover a secret stairway leading down (what else?). The party is attacked by Oren as they reach the bottom of the stair. He tries to kill them with a fireball, but in his badly weakened (level drained) state he cannot conjure enough energy to finish them. His poor timing also means that he only got the first few members on the stairway. Gunter and Bragust quickly kill him.

Searching his belongings yields some potential evidence against Kangar Gref. They find a rather direct order for him to cause problems for Dorin and his friends signed only by ‘K’. This is enough to convince the party that Kangar was involved. The letter stays in the hands of Bragust for safekeeping in Buntaros View. He also uses it to help exculpate the party in regards to the murder of Oren.

The party decides that Kangar has too much influence for them to keep running away and that they will have to start trying to deal with him. Since Kangar does not know Gunter he decides to join Kangar’s school so that he can be close to him. Guntar successfully spies on Kangar by taking classes in his school. He did not do much investigation though. He has learned little that the others did not already know. He did ‘discover’ that Kangar Gref has two daughters. This should have been readily apparent to anyone who spent much time watching him. Feeling that he did not have the skills to spy on Kangar correctly – Gunter leaves the school. Before Gunter leaves he is present for a very special combat demonstration by Kangar that not only highlights Kangar’s fighting ability, but also introduces to the Stonewall community an old military friend of Kangar’s. A human named Magoo Klefenin. This old man is evidently the mentor of Kangar while he was a member of the Karistoman army.

The party decides to regroup in Deepwell.


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