Deepwell / Sayas Umbril

Another Osyluth

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Deepwell and wilderness

What has become of the remaining Osyluth? What remaining Osyluth? Why the second one that Oren summoned, of course. You didn’t know about that one? Oh. Well neither did the party, until now that is.

The other Osyluth successfully stole the Battlehammer clan’s battlehammer. However, when it returned to its rental lair (room at an elvish inn, which the characters had not previously investigated, but had clues to) it was confronted by a paladin (Vania Ardent). She had discovered the devil and tracked it to its temporary abode. She wounded the Osyluth before it ran away. A wound from Vania’s sword prevents a creature from plane traveling for 10 days (Dimensional Anchor). The Osyluth escapes the combat and leaves Vania behind, unable to follow. Vania goes to the Battlehammer clan home to discuss what she has learned with the clan. At this time the players arrive to find the discord at the clan home due to the theft of the hammer. Several of Dorin’s siblings are preparing to search for the hammer. Vania suggests that a ranger/cleric (Skiritai) that has been accompanying her assist the players to find the Osyluth before it can escape back to Hell. She shows the players where she lost sight of the Osyluth. The players track the Osyluth north of High Tower and into the canyon with the dwarf statues and into the underground. The Osyluth having no other allies is creating undead as it goes and having them guard its retreat.
First encounter: zombie dwarven adventurers (x7).
Second encounter: skeletal kobolds (x56).
Third encounter: undead purple worm (x1).
Fourth encounter: the Osyluth and his summoned Lemures (x16).

The Osyluth tries to frighten the players by making an illusion of an Ice Devil coming to attack the party. Nicas dispels the illusion with magic missles.
The Osyluth sends its Lemures to attack and tries to divide the party by using ice walls during the fight. The Osyluth has much better Darkvision than any of the players and it knows it. The room that the encounter occurs in is so large that the devil can stay outside their range of sight and still use its Ice Wall ability. Nicas levitates Twylla to the top of the wall (thus preventing further castings to increase the height of the wall, as it is nearly to the roof). The Osyluth encases Nicas in a hemisphere of ice to reduce his effectiveness. The fighters are on one side of the wall and the bard, psion, and wizard are on the other. The fighters and Nicas’ shield guardian break their way through the wall. The Osyluth had tried to knock Twylla from the top of the wall. It failed the attempt, but Twylla tried to escape the Osyluth and fell anyway. The devil then started to attack the psion and the bard, hoping to kill them before the others broke through the ice wall. It did cause some wounds before the shield guardian broke through the wall allowing the fighters to cross through the boundary. It was killed before it could retreat.
Dorin recovered the family battlehammer.
The players also found:
(x3) potions of invisibility
(x2) potions of intelligence
(x1) potion of bull’s strength
+1 silver longsword of fire extinguishing (39 charges)
Boots of Spiderclimb



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