Deepwell / Sayas Umbril

Behind the Scenes

This is not an adventure but, rather a description of background information handed out to individuals of the party. Setting up current and future plot lines.

New Arrivals:
Aria Parlanta – A priestess of Chronepsis. When she arrives in the Deepwell/Sayas Umbril area she immediately starts building a new temple. She hires dwarves to make the base structure for the temple and grounds.
She sees the elf population as being great potential targets to acquire worshippers. She is interested in meeting Skiritai because he is part of the reason that she is here. She has been sent by Per Skalis (Aria’s and Skiritai’s High Prist) who has been tempted to expand the religion into the humanoid societies by Skiritai.

Erith Zaub (Half-Elf) – Palidan – He is not sponsored by the Knights of Mazyur, but he is on decent terms with them currently. He has been drawn to Deepwell by the reports of Osyluths being sighted in the area.

Adventurers! – Deepwell is crawling with adventurers now. The rumors of adventure and sightings of monsters has brought the seekers of treasures. This may be short lived as many of the creatures are not native to the area and do not have any real valuables.
More adventurers may increase contact with the duergar and vampires in the underdark. The duergar have been steadily progressing upward in the underground because of the depredations of a vampire. However, if they make some kind of alliance with Srindal this may change.

Coin castings – A few coins in the city have been found that have an ogre’s face on them instead of a dwarf’s. The secret: these coins are reminted and are part of Kangar’s payment to the ogre who is creating the monsters in the forests from the local wildlife. The coins may have been stolen by a dwarf that is doing the minting, or the original plates were lost and subsequently found by a child that is having fun minting coins. In either case these coins link the ogre to the dwarf community. Torgrim was passed such a coin while he was shopping in Stonewall.

Palisade – Palisade is an upcoming dwarf community whose ownership is in contention between Cliffside and Deepwell. However, Palisade wants to be its own kingdom. The community leaders decide it is time to make the play. Deepwell and Cliffside both want to be the first to make the city stay as a part of their own territories and hedge the other out. This requires them to both out maneuver the other and support their claim to Palisade.



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