Deepwell / Sayas Umbril


Although the campaign continued past this point, I don’t have adequate notes to present the remaining adventures.
A quick synopsis:
- Found the city of Carpana and gained access to its library. Since the library was written on stone slabs it had survived being nearly abandoned. Learned the location of Gotten Hall.
- Vemal’Ka was never destroyed. The sword was confiscated after the players were arrested in the city of Kotenaugh for destroying a bar and torturing its owner. The party was satisfied to be rid of the sword. They were released from prison after a few months of laboring in the salt mines.
- The party met Mirmanel’s (Mind Flayer Vampire) minions and thwarted their plan to reverse the mountain building ritual of Sahnt. They found the mountain building artifact.
- Gunter was captured by intellect devourer servants of Mirmanel, and brought to him by them for interrogation. A raid on Mirmanel’s hidden lair, in Narleth Hearth, to rescue him was underway. Unfortunately, he was already turned to vampire spawn (although the party did not know that yet).

That is where the game was left.



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