Deepwell / Sayas Umbril

Introduction of Torgrim

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Grimthan and warrior’s tomb in the wilderness

In Deepwell and Stonewall:
A marriage between Kangar Gref’s daughter Ilga and Magdan Hillborn (the son of Magnus Hillborn) been arranged. The Magdan will proclaim that he loves Ilga, but in reality he is marrying her to settle his gambling debts (unknown to the party). He is very embarrassed by his debt and will go to great lengths to avoid having it discovered.

This is almost the fruition of Kangar’s plan. He intends to have his family become part of the royalty of the KoS. He will not personally be royalty, but his lineage will. Magdan Hillborn is the first son of Magnus Hillborn – the Captain of the watch. Magnus is the younger cousin of Ganthol Argus – the King. Magnus is actually the next in line to become king since Ganthol does not have any qualifying children currently. Although Magnus has a lower station than Dunragn Harn – General of the Defenders, and Hillias Laveroc – Grand Initiate of the Order of the Bow, should Ganthol die then both would support Magnus in his ascention to the crown. Of course, this means that Magdan would essentially be next in line and his children – Kangar’s grandchildren – would be after that. This would probably take 100 years or so, but dwarves have a lot of time on their hands. The important part is that Ganthol must be removed before he has heirs. Magdan and Magnus are unaware of Kangar’s schemes.

Kangar has been trying to make Ganthol a less popular regent by creating a feeling of insecurity around Deepwell. This will allow his future son-in-law to save the day by running off the various goblins and monstrous predators, as well as possibly catching the bandits that murdered the king. Also, the clerical talents of his daughter Ilga are bound to make her the friend of any dwarven squad under Magdan’s command.

The party has learned that Magdan Hillborn has announced that he is in love with Ilga Gref and is going to marry her soon. While they feel uneasy about this announcement and believe that it must be part of Kangar’s evil (their words, not mine) plans – they do not learn the significance of this until much later.

Meanwhile, in the party’s lives:
Torgrim is introduced as the spy sent down to the duergar town that the party discovered previously. The duergar town is called Grimthan. This is one of the remaining settlements after the dissolution of Lomishthan (large Duergar city of history). The duergar have been fighting a losing battle against a vampire (not Srindal). This town has only 200 duergar in it. Since the discovery by the player characters the inhabitants have decided to move so that the dwarves will not attack them in force. They have a few things to do before they go.
1) Tell Kangar Gref where they are going. Not the whole town – just Audhild Ungart.
2) Find an artifact that will help them in their fight against the vampire.

Torgrim has gained the confidence of Audhild during his spying operation. Audhild believes him to be from one of the other duergar settlements. Torgrim has found out about the 2nd goal above. The dwarf commander has decided that he does not want the duergar to possess whatever magic item they have found. He sends the player characters down to make sure that the duergar do not find it.

The players are changed to appear as duergar and journey down to Grimthan where they meet Audhild. He mentions that he already has a party going after the artifact, but he has another job that the players could do for him if possible. The other job is goal 1 from above. To do this he gives the players three items: a map to the meeting area with his associate (Audhild does not Kangar Gref by name), a map to where the duergar are moving to, and a statue of a snake that Audhild says allows him to contact ‘his associate’.

The players accept this job, without pay, because they think Kangar Gref will be on the other side – alone. They leave at about the same time as the duergar party that is looking for the artifact. Though given the chance to follow the searching party and succeed in their mission, they choose instead to work towards their own interests in Kangar Gref.
They meet some of the Vampire Spawn of the vampire that has been terrorizing the duergar. They take serious damage, but do win. The vampire spawn are forced away, but not destroyed. They then come to the caverns of the Carrion Crawlers. They kill only one Carrion Crawler and avoid the others. On the other side of the caverns is the rendezvous point. They deliver the information and snake statue to the guards that are stationed there. Torgrim has previously made copies of the maps that Audhild gave to him, so they have not lost any information. They talk to the guards for awhile. Disappointed that it is not Kangar Gref and that he is not likely to show up, they leave. The entire trip takes 4 days.

Undiscovered is the body of Ulegar Loderr (or what remains of it) in the Carrion Crawler infested caverns. This unfortunate dwarf in the owner of Fort Morgast (unknown to the party yet). Magoo has murdered him and threw him into the caverns. Magoo then used magic to take his place and make it look like he took a long trip to the south (after telling all of Ulegar’s friends that he did this, of course). Since the current inhabitants of Fort Morgast are from the south also, Kangar hopes that these clues will lead people to believe that Ulegar is somehow responsible for the raids by goblins and monsters when the Fort is discovered (which it will be. All part of the plan.).

They return to Grimthan. The town has been moved. Audhild is waiting for them. He tells them that the other party has not returned and that he has another map if they are interested in trying to get the artifact. The party agrees.

They find the location of the artifact without difficulty, using the map. It is a hill tomb.
The hill tomb has a few obstacles.
First, the cap rock has to be removed. This is not difficult with three strong characters.
Second, there is a shaft 65 ft deep that they have to climb down. Hiza almost dies falling from the rope. Nicas casts Feather Fall, and Hiza uses her Cat’s Fall power. She does not die but the party gets more cautious and decides that a knotted rope should be employed.
The first room is a burial chamber (fake). The players remove the sarcophagus cap rock and immediately get attacked by an animated statue. The statue wields a +2 heavy mace and a +1 shield. Figuring that nobody goes searching for a measly heavy mace, they search for secret doors.
Third, they find the hidden passage leading from the room. At the end of the passage is another pit that leads down to a pool of water. The pool has two water elementals hiding in the pool. Nicas uses his lightning bolts to kill the water elementals.
Fourth, there is an open room with a wand of magic missle erected at the center. Anyone who comes into the room gets missles shot at them. There are 4 missles at each casting. This is the last obstacle before the actual burial chamber. A dash across the room to grab the wand and remove it from its holder is all that is needed to disarm the trap.
The burial chamber has 5 bodies in it. One in each corner and one in the sarcophogus. None of them are undead (although the party suspects they are for some reason). There are: four +1 suits of studded leather, four +1 small wooden shields, one +1 longsword, one +1 battleaxe, one +1 morningstar, one +1 shortspear, four silver rings worth 55gp each, four fine cloaks worth 350gp each, four regular heavy crossbows, four chests with the following contents each:10,000cp 1,400sp 170gp, 40pp. The sarcophagus contains: one +2 splint mail, one +1 mace of disruption, one Rod of Searing Light – 8th level – 18 charges, two blocks of Incense of Meditation, one Ring of Climbing. 30,000cp 1,500sp, 500gp, 90 pp, and some gems: 50gp, 11gp, 90gp, 100gp.

The party returns directly to Deepwell leaving Audhild wondering what happened. They must be careful since they have been polymorphed into Duergar by Linthoram Malocra. They must contact him first so that they can get him to undo the spell before they are spotted by dwarven or elven guards. A task made more difficult by the heightened alertness of Deepwell’s denizens because of the recent depredations by goblins. However, they party makes it back without incident.



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