Deepwell / Sayas Umbril

King's Assassin

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Stonewall and environs

The players keep watch outside the walls of Fort Ulden. A messenger comes and goes without molestation. The searches around the fort by its denizens does not flush the players. Retreats by flight protect them from most types of tracking. A hawk sent out by the ogre also does not flush the players.

The soldiers then leave the fort and travel towards Stonewall. The players wait until their companions return from Cliffside before following. They follow the troops south toward Stonewall. Enroute they are intercepted by a message from Twylla.

Rufurio Artruce has been attacked by Magoo and he is mortally wounded. He is waiting outside Twylla’s house to try to contact her when she returns home. Rufurio has discovered the assassin’s plot to kill Ganthol Argus (king of Deepwell) and wrongly implicate Cliffside. Though Rufurio was wounded with Vemal’Ka he has eluded Magoo. Twylla casts a healing spell on him and takes him to the Temple of Chronepsis. He gives her a Quall’s Bird Token and entreats her to ruin the ambush. Twylla leaves him in the care of Aria Parlanta. She returns home and writes a message to Dorin describing in detail the recent events and discoveries.

The party meets with Twylla at Fort Morgast. From there, they travel overland southward to the road between Stonewall and Deepwell. A couple Perytons glimpse them, but do not engage the party. On the south road the party travels towards Stonewall with plans to continue towards Sahnt Hall looking for either Ganthol (Ganthol was in Sahnt Hall making his case for Palisade to the King of Kings, Argren Thelurn) or signs of the ambush. At a crossroads a few miles outside of Stonewall they stay at an Inn named ‘The Rock’. Here they speak with the proprietor about business and learn that Magoo had spent a night here a short time ago. He is not there now. They leave the inn and head west to Stonewall.

West of Stonewall the party meets with Ganthol Argus and his small escort coming from Sahnt Hall. They speak to the king about the rumored ambush that lays ahead. Ganthol proceeds to Stonewall and stays the night there. In Stonewall they purchase plain tabards to wear instead of their coats of arms.

The party embarks the next day with Hillias, Dunragn, and the rest of the king’s small entourage. The king is notably absent. Dunragn tells the players not to concern themselves with that. Gunter suggests using an Alter Self potion to impersonate the king, and gets permission to do so.

They come upon the scene of ‘The Rock’ burning down. They correctly guess that this is the work of the ambushers. The ambushers wait until the party sends out Torgrim, Twylla, and Skiritai to investigate the fire and find the proprietor. In the ensuing battle, most of the dwarf guards are killed except for Dunragn, Hillias, and two initiates of the order of the Bow (and the players). Gunter is attacked by Magoo, but he amazingly survives the death magic and poisons used by the assassin. However, Gunter is affected by the Dire Wounding magic of the sword Vemal’Ka. He drinks a Neutralize Poison elixir provided by Torgrim which protects him from the secondary damage of the poisons in his system. He then gathers as much of the healing potions and scrolls as possible and rides towards Stonewall with Twylla. Nicas flys ahead to find a priest (because he can travel the distance faster than the horse can) that can meet them at the gates. He makes contact with the Church of Pelor, promises the priest payment for his immediate services, and describes the nature of the wound. Nicas, the priest, Gunter, and Twylla meet at the gates of Stonewall. Gunter is in very good condition considering the nature of the Wounding curse, but continues to deteriorate under the effects of the Dire Wounding. The priest inspects the wound and casts Remove Curse upon Gunter, which counters the effect of the Dire Wounding.

The party reunites, sets to gathering the equipment of the ambushers, Magoo’s body, purchases a wagon, collects the fallen members of the king’s guard, and travels to Deepwell.

In Deepwell they have a conference with the king (Ganthol arrived before they did). In this conference they reveal all that they know about the plots of Kangar Gref along with what evidence they have to support them. They talk about:
- the release of the vampire and the possibility of it being Srindal
- the Illythid vampire Mirmanel
- the ‘wearing off’ of the mountain producing spell cast by Sahnt
- what course of action to take regarding Vemal’Ka. Skiritai suggests finding a powerful good dragon to guard it until they can determine how to destroy it. The dwarves disagree with this idea. Skiritai still carries Vemal’Ka in his Bag of Holding. Ganthol decides to demand that the sword be given to him to defend as he is better prepared than the players to guard it. Before he can do this, however, the party leaves Deepwell.

This is the end of the Kangar Gref scenario. Certain evidence definately casts enough suspicion on Kangar that he is apprehended for questioning. His daughters and known associates are apprehended, if possible, and interrogated also. One of Kangar’s front men is not in Stonewall at the time and getting word of the crackdown flees to Buntaros View (possibly beyond). Enough evidence is presented by Ganthol (the trial is in Stonewall, afterall Kangar is a Stonewall citizen) that Kangar, Ilda, and others are executed. Kangar’s daughter Vula is determined not to be involved with the plot and is spared. Magnus Hillborn is so shamed by Magdan’s weakness and (unintentional) involvement in the plot that he retires to Bergbui (giant territory) to end his days fighting giants (a not quite uncommon custom). Magdan does not follow his father to Bergbui instead staying behind in Deepwell.

All of the party members are rewarded by Ganthol for their efforts in exposing the plot of Kangar Gref. Gunter is offered the position of Captain of the Guard for his brave impersonation of the king. Gunter declines the position, but states that when he is done adventuring he would be honored to join the king’s house.



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