Deepwell / Sayas Umbril

Second KG Fort

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Fort Morgast

The party catches a break and discovers the existance of Fort Morgast. Morgast is a fort built into the side of a cliff wall. It has a worked stone wall protecting one side and a large cliff on the other. An ogre druid, paid by Kangar, has taken up residence here with her goblins troops. She has a unique spell that allows her to polymorph animals into monsters.

Following an old road to Morgast the party encounters and quickly dispatches a minotaur. This is unusual because there has never been a minotaur sited in the eastern Kingdoms of Sahnt. Speaking to people in towns they have been in along the way they discover that the goblins have been stealing animals.

After they arrive at Morgast they start reconnaissance of the fort. They witness the creation of a hydra from a tangle of snakes and the creation of cockatrice from chickens. This fort also seems in better repair than the previous stronghold. They leave to report their findings to Deepwell.

Dunragn Harn sends out Magdan Hillborn with some troops and Ilda Gref as clerical support. They party is involved also. The players and Magdan Hillborn do not fraternize peacefully. There is no friendliness between him and the party. Magdan feels that they are merely adventurers that do not know how to work with a group well. The group thinks somewhat less than that of him. The two groups cannot agree to anything and so they stage a two-pronged attack against Fort Morgast using more-or-less independent strategies. When they decide to attack the players decide to fly in and open the gates from the inside. This is less than sneaky and the defenders are alerted. In the initial charge, Nicas (riding on the back of his flying Shield Guardian) is struck by an arrow poisoned with Carrion Crawler brain juice. He is paralyzed. Without new instructions the Shield Guardian continues to follow the last command and continues flying – right over the fort and away into the wilderness. By the time Nicas recovers from the poison and returns, the conflict is over.

The party successfully removes the threat of the monster maker and her entourage at Fort Morgast. Annoyingly, the ogre druid that was making the monsters has escaped, but the rest of her retinue has been killed, with the exception of one Dire Bear and Burdug, the goblin adept.
Ilda did not get the opportunity to destroy much evidence (this was her secret mission on this outing), but her clerical knowledge has put her in good standing with the dwarves. Skiritai’s assistance with the healing has also shown him to be a more generous cleric than many dwarves had thought. The important loot in the back rooms was claimed for the players by Torgrim (who got there first and pocketed them). The loot in the tower and on the combatants bodies has been claimed by Magdan for the expedition. Expedition booty is to be handed out to the survivors of the expedition and surviving family members of expedition members on return to Deepwell.

Very notably, the players have gained the maps owned by the ogre druid. They show the path used by the ogre to come north (from south of the Burnline) to the KoS, and the location of another fort.

The other fort is Ulden and it is located near Cliffside. This is a training ground maintained by Kangar Gref for his dwarven troops. The ogre has retreated to this fort. Only one dwarf here knows the identity of the ogre (as she is polymorphed into a dwarf – which is unknown to the party). The others only know that this dwarf is very unusual because she is a druid.

Torgrim has done some good espionage (invisibly infiltrated the base) and determined that there may have been some correspondence between the fort and Kangar. They have recreated a note between the garrison commander and someone referred to as K. The note indicates the loss of the troops at Fort Morgast and the presence of a visitor from Morgast in Ulden. The theft of the paper has been noticed and the fort is now at alert. The ogre can talk to the plants and is capable of tracking the players even though they use fly spells to move around.
Wanting to verify that the entire compound is definately troops in the pay of Kangar, Dorin has prompted some characters to travel to Cliffside to determine if the fort is an official school. Torgrim, Skiritai, and Gunter travel to Cliffside. They do determine that the residents of Cliffside do not know about any school of Kangar’s nearby. Technically, this does not prove that Ulden is not a school, but they are going with it. They do not make it back to Ulden directly (see Vampires and Mountains).



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