Deepwell / Sayas Umbril

Unkind Bard

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Jaros Point, Buntaros View

There is a bard that is singing a song about the evil acts performed by the notorious ‘Dorin Battlehammer and company’. In fact, there is such a bard in Jaros Point that has learned the song from a bard in Buntaros View. Dorin is unconcerned because he has made a mistake with his last name, but other party members convince him that this is something they have to stop or it will become a problem. The party confronts the bard and he tells them about the bard he learned the song from in Buntaros View. He doesn’t know the bard’s name though.

The party travels to Buntaros View without incident.

Asking around town and hanging out at various bars eventually leads them to the information that they want to know. His name is Luther Osymus. Luther is actually a polymorphed devil, although he hides it well. He is an Osyluth. He was summoned by Oren Patrimas – a spell caster in the employ of Kangar Gref. The devil has prevailed over Oren Patrimas but still is under the sway of the instructions it was given. Oren tried to convince the devil that spreading rumors about the players would be fun, but he resorted to demanding that the devil do it. However, the osyluth was able to convince (threaten) Oren’s imp familiar to free it of its binding (when Oren wasn’t around). The devil then surprised Oren is his own workshop and defeated him. At this point, the novelty of being on the prime material plane has it too giddy to do much more than cause problems disguised as a human.

After finding the shapechanged Osyluth (as Luther Osymus) and the Imp (as Oren Patrimas) in a bar in Deepwell, the players openly challenge them in the streets outside the bar. After the players kill them and the devils return to their normal form the public support for Luther and Oren disappears. The players require only a little assistance to prevent the dwarves on the devils side from getting into the fight.
The players acquire: Oren’s Shield Guardian. A little smaller and weaker than the typical variety, but still quite potent.

The apparent death of a citizen gets the city guard involved. The party is quickly absolved since the victims are infernal beings. However, Bragust Hoth, the local representative of the Golden Knights of Mazyur (paladins) is taking a keen interest.

Interviewing people that knew Oren and Luther leads them to Oren’s house. Bragust Hoth accompanies them. The house seems like a dead end until they discover a secret stairway leading down (what else?). The party is attacked by Oren as they reach the bottom of the stair. He tries to kill them with a fireball, but in his badly weakened (level drained) state he cannot conjure enough energy to finish them. His poor timing also means that he only got the first few members on the stairway. Gunter and Bragust quickly kill him.

Searching his belongings yields some potential evidence against Kangar Gref. They find a rather direct order for him to cause problems for Dorin and his friends signed only by ‘K’. This is enough to convince the party that Kangar was involved. The letter stays in the hands of Bragust for safekeeping in Buntaros View. He also uses it to help exculpate the party in regards to the murder of Oren.

The party decides that Kangar has too much influence for them to keep running away and that they will have to start trying to deal with him. Since Kangar does not know Gunter he decides to join Kangar’s school so that he can be close to him. Guntar successfully spies on Kangar by taking classes in his school. He did not do much investigation though. He has learned little that the others did not already know. He did ‘discover’ that Kangar Gref has two daughters. This should have been readily apparent to anyone who spent much time watching him. Feeling that he did not have the skills to spy on Kangar correctly – Gunter leaves the school. Before Gunter leaves he is present for a very special combat demonstration by Kangar that not only highlights Kangar’s fighting ability, but also introduces to the Stonewall community an old military friend of Kangar’s. A human named Magoo Klefenin. This old man is evidently the mentor of Kangar while he was a member of the Karistoman army.

The party decides to regroup in Deepwell.



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