Deepwell / Sayas Umbril

Vampires and Mountains

Gunter Tornsong

Location: Cliffside

Torgrim, Skiritai, and Gunter travel to Cliffside to determine whether the troops at Fort Ulden are students or mercenaries. They do find that the residents of Cliffside do not know of any schools of Kangar’s nearby. This seems to satisfy their interest.

However, before they can return to the fort there is a large earthquake. The mountains around cliffside change noticeably. In particular, there is a large ridge between Cliffside and Ulden. The population of Cliffside is talking about the changes in the landscape that are occuring in the area. The changes are dramatic as mountains appear and disappear into the ground.

The players do not gain much of interest from the sages and clerics of Cliffside, but they do discover that something similar has happened before. Sahnt made earthquakes and made the mountains grow to push the orcs away from the KoS (at the time known as the “Seven Kingdoms”). The players also discover the existence of the ruined city-state of Lengarl and a wall that was built from Sahnthall (formerly Fethis) to Cliffside (Cliffside was just a fort in those days). This wall does not seem to exist now.

The players decide to venture out to discover the cause of the disturbance. On their route they meet the refugees from the mining camp Tirinith (who are heading towards Cliffside). Among the group they meet Godar Din, a cleric, and sage of Sahnt. He tells them about the divided ruin of Lengarl. He also mentions the existence of Duergar roaming about. Tirinith is the furthest north encampment.

Following Godar Din’s directions the players make it to Tirinith camp and discover the damage that the earthquake has done to the place. They spend the evening here. Gunter notices a figure searching the camp in the darkness. This is an illythid vampire spawn. The illythid mind blasts Gunter and stuns him. He tries to carry the dwarf off, but he cannot carry that much weight (dwarf and full battle gear). Combat with Skiritai and Torgrim causes him to take gaseous form. The players think that it is a sorceror illythid at this time.

They track the illythid back to find a former skirmish scene. There are two duergar there and evidence of there having been more duergar and more illythids. The desicated husks of the two duergar make the characters realize that the illythid is a vampire or vampire spawn. They follow the illythid tracks and find a cave entrance into the ground (or an exit in this instance). Many humanoid tracks leave this place in different directions, but always to the northeast, east, or southeast. They correctly guess these tracks to be made by duergar. They track the duergar northeast until they find a wall. They have no knowledge of this wall from their maps and do not make the connection between the wall indicated on the old map and this one. This wall has towers every half-mile and it is approximately 15 feet tall. The placement of the defensive works indicate that the wall was used to defend against attacks from the north.

While, searching along the wall they see a dark line along the base of the wall a few miles away. Using his spyglass Torgrim learns that it is a duergar group huddled along the wall. The players venture to meet the duergar.

The contact with the duergar is tense, but goes well. They learn about the existence of the illythid vampire Mirmanel from the duergar. This vampire is the reason that the duergar are on the surface at all. The players correctly surmise that Mirmanel’s actions are related to the vampire Srindal.

During the conversation with the duergar another earthquake happens. Torgrim and Gunter are hurled off the north side of the wall taking minimal damage. Skiritai catches himself on the wall’s merlons. They feel the rushing of wind past them and realize that the wall has moved one quarter-mile south. They realize at this point that the wall they are standing on and the wall on their old map are the same wall. They decide to return to Cliffside and inform the King, Gorgich Vorrn, that the spell cast by Sahnt to make the mountains grow is coming to an end and the mountains are going away.

The excess ridge line around Cliffside has disappeared, so the characters go to meet their companions down at Fort Ulden.

They have spent 5 days in the countryside north of Cliffside.



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