Vemal'Ka was the sword of Valdomar - the last leader of the Ravagers.


Longsword (3/3)
Unholy Poison Sword of Wounding

Intelligent, NE
Wielder does not sleep. (immune to sleep affects, cannot sleep if they want to.)
Wielder sees invisible.
Extraordinary Power:
Bull’s Strength on wielder 1/day
Special Purpose: Slay all
Slay Living (DC 15)

Stats: 18, 20, 11
Ego: 27

Vemal’Ka can control which powers its wielder has access to (unless they can overcome its EGO). It usually reserves some powers or gives ‘previews’ of powers in order to control/influence its wielder.


Sword of Valdomar the Ravager (killed at the battle of Bebdon Mine – the sword was not recovered)

Vemal’Ka is a sentient weapon with goals of its own. It is usually content to allow its wielder to do as he pleases, within certain limitations. It does constantly (secretly) try to influence its wielder.

Vemal’Ka was also Orinus’ Holy Avenger before he was raised by Erythnul. Vemal’Ka allows its wielder to progress in the Ravager Prestige Class, assuming the other requirements are met. In fact, it will try to persuade the wielder to gain Ravager levels using its EGO if necessary. At this moment there are no other Ravagers so there is no combat necessary to prove ones worth.
Right now its existence is secret and it will do what it must to maintain that secret.


Deepwell / Sayas Umbril Lwellyn