Deepwell / Sayas Umbril


Dorin Battlehammer – Dwarf Guard (city watch)
Twylla – Elf Bard
Hiza – Human Traveller

Location: Deepwell/Sayas Umbril

Dorin and Twylla are friends, having met years before. They frequent the same bar, where Twylla sometimes sings and Dorin drinks. Hiza is a traveller, recently graduated from her studies in the Township of Iberal (an enclave of psions), that is staying with Twylla’s family.

Returning home from the bar one night the trio witnesses a pack of rats attacking pigeons. Successfully. Dorin is rather uninterested in it as they are just a bunch of rats. Twylla is disturbed by the scene and feels the need to intervene. There are several large rats and one small one. The characters quickly dispatch the rats, but discover that the bird is already dead. More interesting is the fact that the bird is not bleeding from any of its wounds.

Dorin and his partner Horl Junt notice an increasing number of rats are found roaming the cities. They bring this to the attention of Gern Metlund (Day Seargent of the Watch) and Hanstul Harm (Night Seargent of the Watch). Gern has them spend more time looking for the rats. Twylla and Hiza also spend their own time looking for the source of the rats. In time, they find passages into the sewers and undercity that the rats are using. Dorin convinces Gern that he and his companions should go into the abandoned areas of the ruined undercity to track the rats down. To get final permission to do so Dorin has an audience with Magnus Hillborn (Watch Captain), as Gern cannot grant passage himself. While waiting for Captain Hillborn, Dorin watches the guards who aspire to become Dwarven Defenders practice. Magnus grudgingly allows Dorin’s companions to accompany him and Horl into the restricted area of the undercity.
The majority of Deepwell is actually underground. Earthquakes have damaged much of Deepwell and made the underground passages unsafe. The earthquakes were so destructive that the town north of Deepwell, called Hightower, was completely abandoned. Due to historical strife with Duergar there is still a guardpost in Hightower to watch the underground passages, but the settlement is otherwise empty. Showing their authorization to the guards the company descends into the halls beneath the city. The halls are large with grand circular and sweeping stairways. Dwarven craftmanship is clearly evident. However, the rooms and hallways are interleaved with natural rock and caverns as if these formations were inserted into pre-existing structures. In one of the natural chambers they find water leaking from the ceiling and forming a pool in the center of the room. Hanging above the pool is a cage crusted with minerals. Within the cage appears to be the torso of a humanoid body. Human or elven. The pool bank looks slick and corpses are not on the list of items to be found, so they avoid the room. Shortly thereafter they enter the sewers.
The Deepwell sewers are large, like other dwarven works, and are easily traversed. They resemble canals with sidewalks on both sides. In the sewers the characters find a workroom with several cages. The cages contain dire rats and normal size rats. They decide to kill the rats. In killing the rats it is discovered that the normal size rats do not bleed. The smaller rats are discovered to be vampiric. Searching the room the party finds some correspondence, but nothing detailed enough to yield names.
On the way out, the party is confronted by an apprentice Dwarven Defender. The apprentice attacks them and Horl runs past the Defender and down the sewer halls. The party kills the apprentice, but is severely wounded. Dorin dumps the body into the sewer canal. They follow Horl. The trail leads back to the room with the pool. There Horl and a robed wizard attack the party along with some trained rats and an Eyeball Beholderkin. The battle quickly goes in favor of the party even though they are wounded. The rats dead, the wizard and beholderkin fleeing through a passage in the bottom of the pool, and Horl Junt fleeing towards the sewer exits. Horl never makes it away as Dorin wounds him to unconsciousness with an arrow.
Horl is captured, but the traitors in the Watch and Dwarven Defenders makes Dorin unwilling to report back to his superiors what exactly he knows. Dorin, Twylla, and Hiza exit the sewers with the captive Horl. Without another known route they have to pass Cromwell, the guard in Hightower. Horl is unconscious, so he cannot refute the party’s claim that their companion fell in combat and they are returning to Deepwell to get him healed.
The players keep Horl captive in the woods giving time for them to do more investigating before having to deal with the dwarven command. Eventually, Twylla, through her father Solinar, enlists the aid of a well known bard named Rufurio Artruce to watch and interrogate Horl.
In a few days Cromwell asks Reieya Doyasoleil (Elf, Cleric for the Dwarf Watch) about the health of Horl Junt. The fact that Horl made it out alive in Dorin’s company, but didn’t return to Deepwell becomes known to the Watch Captain, Magnus Hillborn.


Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor – Elven wizard
Gunter Tornsong – Dwarven fighter

Location: Deepwell/Sayas Umbril

The party have wounded Horl to zero hit points and he has survived. He may heal in the coming days. He is hidden out in the woods under the ‘care’ of Rufurio. Rufurio detains and interrogates Horl Junt while the party makes further investigations in the city. Through the party’s investigations and Rufurio’s questioning Horl Junt is discovered as the keeper of the rats.
Cromwell’s inquiry to Gern Metlund about the condition of Horl Junt cast suspicion upon the party. The dwarven Watch thought that Horl Junt was missing.
The party divulges their thoughts about a possible conspiracy and lead Magnus Hillborn to Horl. Horl Junt is found to have in his possession a pass that would allow him to enter the undercity area of High Tower. How he came to possess this item is unknown. An investigation into where the item originated begins.
The players then escorted Magnus and his investigators to the compound where the rats were being bred and to the location of Traubon Balderk’s body (the apprentice Defender). They also showed them the location where they had fought the sorceror.
Enough evidence is found to support the party’s account. However, they are placed in protective custody while Magnus continues with the investigation. In one way, this is fortunate because it provides them with a safe place to recover from their wounds. Horl is imprisoned.

Dorin, Twylla, and Hiza are shortly released from custody, although that is the best thing that happens this week.
- Horl Junt is killed in prison by a Grick. Dorin defends himself against one in a battle made difficult because of the creature’s tough hide.
- Adventurers are starting to arrive in Deepwell because talk of rats, sorcerors, and treasure has already spread to Buntaros View (human city at the edge of the plains). The influx of treasure hunters is good for the businesses of the surface city but, residents are worried about the long term effects. The undercity ruins are officailly off limits, however, there are too many entrances and the watch cannot protect all of them. Among the treasure hunters are Nicas Veskor and Gunter Tornsong. They have previous ties to the community as Nicas is from Sayas Umbril and Gunter is a dwarf of (assumed) local lineage. They have been living in Buntaros View.
- The corpse above the pool of water in the undercity is discovered to be a vampire. This discovery is made by a hapless dwarven adventurer that extracts a pair of silver nails from the eye sockets of the corpse. The vampire escapes into the undercity, but the silver nails are retrieved. Later analysis shows that these nails belonged to Pondria Orin, a half-elven hero who entered the underdark 70 years ago to kill a legendary vampire named Srindal Tyrsmark. Neither, Pondria or Srindal had been heard from since. The nails are a specific curse item against Srindal.
- Markan Balderk comes to Deepwell. He is coming to investigate the death of his son Traubon. He is accompanied by an entourage that includes a friend of his, Kangar Gref. While Markan does not find much information aside from what is known by the Deepwell Watch. He has been convinced that his child may have been working outside the law. The character’s story has attracted Kangar Gref. A well known merchant and owner of military training schools in Stonewall. Kangar is in need of strong and capable adventurers to help him. One of his caravans was attacked and looted by a long time enemy of Kangar’s. He wants the goods back and the perpetrators punished. Dorin, Twylla, Hiza, Nicas, and Gunter agree to hire on with Kangar.

Caravan Recovery

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor – Elven wizard
Gunter Tornsong – Dwarven fighter

Location: Stonewall, Arrow Creek, Wilderness

Kangar Gref asks the players to retreive goods stolen from a caravan. Of course, he offers employment and is not asking for a favor. The party accompanies Kangar to Stonewall. When visiting Kangar’s compound they witness just how much influence this dwarf has. He has a large walled in house. The lot surrounding his house is split into 3 sections by interior walls. Two areas are private, but when Kangar opens his gates for the day’s business the area between his gates and front door turns into a market filled with vendors that have no direct association with Kangar other than they rent space here to show their wares. Kangar likes this because, 1) a market on his front porch brings customers to him, and 2) it displays how influential he is. The money from space rental doesn’t hurt either.

Kangar informs the party of the route that the caravan was taking. They journey to the spot where the caravan was attacked. Unfortunately, the party doesn’t have a member who can track the brigands. Finding too little evidence to determine where the brigand’s camp is the players turn to asking around a small nearby town named Arrow Creek. A ranger named Kobi hears that the players have been asking about the thugs – he approachs the party to offer his services as a tracker. The party accepts his offer. Kobi tracks the brigands to their camp.

The brigands camp is in a box canyon. There is a 2-story wood building and a cave. The brigands are a group of humans and hobgoblins. The humans live outside in the building and the hobgoblins live in the cave. The party avoids the building and enters the cave. The hobgoblins are suprised, but rally to the defense of their home. The party finds little difficulty in defeating the hobgoblins. However, a more potent opponent is met in the form of a monitor lizard and its keeper – a hag named Shira. The party battles Shira to a standstill. Even though she is badly wounded, the party is also. During the fight Shira has cast her evil eye upon Twylla. Twylla is near catatonic from fear. Dorin, Hiza, and Kobi are severely wounded and they have exhausted their magic healing so they are not confident that they can win against the witch. Though the players have not killed Shira, she is in a situation similar to theirs and is willing to treat. The players successfully negotiate the return of the items stolen from Kangar’s caravan. The party sneaks away from the camp having never alerted the humans that anything has happened at all. By the time Shira exits the cave and realizes that her human troops are still alive, the party has a large headstart.

The return trip to Stonewall is uneventful. Twylla recovers from her magically induced fright 3 days after the conflict with Shira. The players are impressed with the persistence of the hag’s spells.

A secret:
Kobi is not really a Ranger, he is a Rogue. Nor is his meeting with the group in Arrow Creek accidental. He already knew where the brigands camp was. Little misteps seem to go unnoticed, or attributed to the Chaotic Good nature of many Rangers. Kobi forgets to ask the group for money for assisting them to find and recover the stolen goods. This oversight is really because Kobi is already being paid, and he merely forgot to ask.
Kobi is supposed to kill the players after the players have acquired the goods but, Kobi is so wounded by the final conflict with the hag that he is too weak to challenge the players and so helps them sneak away from the compound. He also cannot prevent them from returning to Stonewall. Kobi’s employer is undecided as to the wisdom of this choice to aid the party and he is somewhat unhappy with Kobi.

Kobold Army and Duergar

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Deepwell/Sayas Umbril and all over the countryside

Kangar decides to hire the party for another job. This time it involves being guards for one of his caravans. The party members are not the only people hired – Kobi and 5 other fighters are also hired as guards. The path of the caravan will be over the surface until they get north of Cliffside and then descend into the ground.
During the first stretch the caravan is attacked by a lone Ettin. He is tough and the caravan guards take some losses, but eventually they overcome the creature. The remainder of the travel to the caves is uneventful.
An oddity awaits the characters as they near the cave. The cave is in the side of a small canyon. Along the walls of the canyon are many statues of dwarves. They look very realistic and the party is convinced that they are indeed dwarven soldiers that have been turned to stone. The statues are scattered along the cliffs, and they are all looking to the exit of the canyon. The ancient doors of the dwarven habitation are found after some searching and the caravan enters. Following the wide tunnels into large multiple storied chambers it is clear that this is dwarven built and not all that small a complex. The party is on edge however, because they have not seen an actual dwarf yet.
The party is ambushed by kobolds and duergar. More kobolds than duergar actually. Kobi also attacks the party. The guards and the characters manage to defeat the ambushers though the caravan is destroyed. The duergar run away and the party follows. They follow the duergar until the come upon a duergar settlement. Deciding that they cannot get caught here they turn around and head back to the surface. Among the kobolds possessions they find information about payment for raids on Deepwell. The party quickly travels back to Deepwell.
With some urgency they seek a meeting with Magnus Hillborn. They inform him that the kobolds are preparing to attack en masse and also about the duergar town (Grimthan). Elven scouts are sent out into the mountains. The dwarven families muster for the coming conflict. The elven scouts have a few skirmishes in the forest before the main force of the kobold army arrives. Clan Battlehammer is over 20 strong when they join the other forces in defense including Dorin’s grandfather Theodoric and father Urmish.

The most important figures in Deepwell take the field.
Hillias Laveroc (Elf) – Grand Initiate of the Order of the Bow.
Dunragn Harn (Dwarf) – General of the Defender’s Corps.
Magnus Hillborn (Dwarf) – Captain of the Watch.
Gern Metlund (Dwarf) – Day Sergeant of the Watch.
Hanstul Harm (Dwarf) – Night Sergeant of the Watch.
Danus Ulpin (Dwarf) – Sergeant Wizard of the Watch.
Reieya Doyasoleil (Elf, Cleric for the Dwarf Watch)
Linthoram Malocra (Elf) – Grand Initiate of the Order of the Staff. (wizard)
Iberi Arisor (Elf) – Palef Survivors (Arcane Archers)
Lodrian Hodraslo (Elf) – Palef Survivors (Blade Singers)

The kobolds attack without the surprise that they thought they would have. The kobold sorcerors help maintain the strength of the army.

The battle takes several hours. The dwarven defenders win the day.

Dunragn Harn decides that the duergar town must be infiltrated and arranges for a spy to be sent.

The party believes that there is a connection between the duergar and Kangar Gref and the vampire rats being tended to by Horl Junt. They decide that Deepwell is not a safe place for them currently and that they should travel somewhere else. They believe that Kangar is trying to kill them ‘accidently’. They fear that he may get less subtle. They are also concerned about his level of influence in Deepwell.

Fortunately for them Hiza’s teacher contacts her with a request that will take them away from Deepwell. The players jump on it.

Serial Killer

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Goodspring (human village), Jaros Point

This adventure starts in the town of Goodspring. Goodspring is an entirely human settlement midway between the eastern foothills of the KoS and the Peaceful Coast.

Partha Mimkark requests Hiza to determine the nature of the death of a fellow psion named Ral. Ral had been living in Goodspring for about a year, but he had recently died.

Hiza, Dorin, Twylla, Nicas, and Gunter make the journey to Goodspring. When they arrive they are met by the town constable (Roy). Roy is uncomfortable in this job because he is not very bright and he is also a lumberjack by trade. This job is his because he is too weak to say ‘no’, and the town mayor (Milton) is trying to keep him out of the woods. Hiza charms Roy to get information quickly, and persuades him to lead them to the mayor. Hiza states to Milton that she is a friend of Ral’s and she is trying to learn what has happened to him. Milton is straightforward with the adventurers and says that there have been 23 murders in Goodspring in two months and that many people think that it is an evil spirit. Some townspeople have described a ghostly form wandering around. Most of the murders happen outside of town – particularly in the light woods and fields. Most victims have only a single wound to the chest. Milton tells them that the most capable residents have already been killed. The former constable and his deputy (both rangers) and the priest of the church. All three had been killed trying to remedy the problem. He does tell them that there is a wise man for the local villages that lives in the woods that may be able to help them, but that they must take trade goods to him. He is a Half-Orc sage named Herath.

Herath lives by himself in his woods about 1 1/2 days travel from Goodspring. He is extremely ugly, but very civil. The party has never actually seen a half-orc before (or an orc for that matter) and are somewhat surprised by his ugliness. Herath is like nothing else around here. For the price of a blank book (15 gp) he divines the nature of their problem.

Higlak Ledner was a notorious bandit (around here) some 40 years ago. His spirit has reanimated because of a disturbance at Sands (a city further down the coast). His Shortsword of Dancing has been flying around at night killing people. It accomplishes this by casting a very powerful sleep spell. It can only cast it once at a given target, ever.
They talk to Milton about this information when they return to town. Milton is familiar with the bandit who was active when he was a boy. He gives the PC’s directions to several of the bandit’s former hideouts.

When the PC’s arrive at one of the earthen forts they find a sword stuck into a stone. When they approach within 40 feet of the sword it casts its sleep spell (DC 20, affects up to 15 HD, 10 minute duration) causing all players to magically slumber except for the two elves (Twylla and Nicas) because they are immune to sleep enchantments. Although poorly prepared to combat a spirit, they manage to defeat it using holy water and Disrupt Undead spells. They sell the Sword of Dancing as a +1 sword for 2,000 gp.

Hiza receives a minor psionic device (Defensive Crystal) that was Ral’s from Partha Mimkark as a gift for removing the threat of the murders.
Defensive Crystal – Retaliates, each melee round, against the first attack directed toward the owner with a ranged burst of ectoplasmic fire (1D4 damage, attacks like the owner, 500 ft. maximum range).

Knowing that something is happening at the city of Sands that is causing undead activity the party decides to find out what is happening. The party borrows a boat at Jaros Point (Hiza’s home town) to sail to Sands. Sailing away they witness the awesome rainbow lighthouse at Jaros Point. This psionic artifact stretches colored bands of light out over the ocean to guide boats into the Jaros Point harbor. The bands of light are not straight lines; They twist and turn to guide ships past the many obstacles along the cliffs. Strangely, the colored bands are perceived in one’s mind and not by the eye, so not all travellers are even aware of their existance. Jaros Point is at the top of a cliff while the harbor is at the bottom. Large cranes lift the boats from the bottom to the top when they need to be dry-docked. Winding staircases are the only paths from the cliff top to the harbor.

Monster Slayer

GM’s Note: This is a published adventure (although not for D&D) and contains spoilers.

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Sands

As the party approaches Sands the metaphysical manifestations get more common. Spectral fish swimming through the air, undead sailors and pirates, and weather disturbances. Arriving in Sands the party inquires with people in the town what is happening. They find that there have been monsters swimming in the surrounding waters – which is unusual here. They also meet Barran and his crew. They are foreign sailors that do not seem distressed by the metaphysical events. In fact, they are anticipating something. Barran tells the players that a huge sea serpent known to the worshippers of Nursshok (god of Oceanic Monsters) as the Mother of Monsters is coming to Sands. He calls the beast the Midwife.

The players visit the local shrine to the ocean gods, which is actually underwater in a slower moving area of the delta streams. They learn that there are separate factions of the worshippers of Nursshok. One group is friendly to the Midwife and the other is friendly to Barran.

The players meet Corrick Metheral, the Marshall of Sands, he is looking for brave warriors to deal with some of monsters that are arriving since his own military is being overwhelmed by the numbers. Of more concern is the spectral form of a giant serpent that is surrounding the entire town. This manifestation is different than ones previous in two ways. Firstly, it is not acting threatening (which is not difficult to deal with), and secondly, it is persistent. The other phantasms have been relatively short lived, existing for only minutes, but this one does not fade. It can be easily walked through though and the party travels to a nearby rocky shore to deal with some sea lions that have taken up residence there. The return trip to Sands is notable for the fact that the great serpent, although intangible, feels more solid on the way back through.

Back in Sands Barran reveals a secret to the players – the serpent surrounding the city is the Midwife and he is the reason it is here. He intends to fight it. It intends to fight him also. He has been watching the adventurers and wants them to help him, for which he is willing to pay. He needs fighters to fend off the Midwife’s followers while he fights it. Since, the serpent will be in the water it must be fought from a boat. Normally, his sailors would help him, but much of their time will be spent maneuvering the vessel. The sailors have been building a special boat since they arrived in Sands.

Two days after its initial appearance the serpent is completely solid. It makes an effective wall around the town as it seems unperturbed by attacks against it. Barran assures the party that he is a match for the Midwife regardless of the seeming futility of attacks against it.

Barran, his crew, and the players board the boat and make their way toward the serpent. As they approach the head of the serpent it turns to face them. It is impossibly huge. At this point, the crew gets out torches and light them although it is mid-morning. Barran tells the party that the only way to kill it is from the inside. Shortly thereafter, the serpent obligingly swallows the boat whole.

After surviving the torrent of water that leads to the beasts stomach, the party finds it is as though they were in a cavern. The water only fills about half of the stomach the remainder is air. They don’t have much time to ponder this as they are quickly set upon by Gnolls, who are also in a boat. The combat is not difficult although they are outnumbered. After the battle is over, Barran explains that the Midwife has multiple stomachs. Five, to be exact. The first four are training grounds, the fifth is where it digests its food. The Midwife swallows creatures and they live within its stomachs. By surviving combats with the other residents a creature becomes more powerful. The defeated follow the current back to real stomach and are consumed. When a creature gets powerful enough it gets regurgitated back into the world and to its freedom.

Something waits for them in each stomach. As they progress, they hear a thumping noise that gets louder in each stomach. Barran tells them that this is the Midwifes heart and it is their goal.
In the second it is monstrous sea lions.
In the third it is sahuagin.
In the forth it is two fully grown sea serpents!
The serpents are large and cause great damage to the boat. The heart beat is so loud in this stomach that it is deafening. The wall of the stomach moves with each beat. The sailors paddle hard to get to the side near the heart while the party holds off the serpents. Though the party manages to kill one serpent, the other remains unharmed. The hull of the boat is leaking and water slowly streams into the boat. Barran slashes open the interior wall of the stomach revealing the heart. He thrusts a torch into the exposed heart tissue. The Midwife convulses throwing everyone from the boat, except Barran who clings to the stomach wall.
As the Midwife dies it regurgitates all of its stomachs. The players soon find themselves back in the daylight floating (and probably sinking) in a mix of seawater and stomach acid. Though the boat is destroyed the flotsam provides enough buoyancy to get them to shore. The sailors, being excellent swimmers, help as they can. The only one missing is Barran himself. The leader of Barran’s crew tell the party that Nursshok told Barran that if he defeated the Midwife a portal would open to him to allowing him to plane travel (although summoning a creature to the prime material plane is easy, traveling from it is actually difficult). He also tells the party that both Barran and the Midwife worshipped Nursshok, and that the god was watching the conflict. Both had much to gain and lose in the combat.

Marshall Metheral holds a celebration for the party and the sailors. The food served is, of course, giant serpent (fixed in various ways). Corrick even has a plaque made to commemorate the event. The paranoia of the party makes itself evident when Twylla and Nicas misspell their names on purpose when being added to the plaque’s roster.

For surviving the combats inside the Midwife the players have earned the following extraordinary abilities:

Gunter: +4 Swim skill, hold breath for 3xCon in rounds before making Constitution checks, +5 skill in Knowledges and Wilderness Lore on matters pertaining to the oceans.

Nicas: hold breath for 3xCon in rounds before making Constitution checks, permanent +1 Con, Rage like a Barbarian of the same level.

Twylla: +4 Swim skill, hold breath for 3xCon in rounds before making Constitution checks, Rage like a Barbarian of the same level.

Hiza: 4 Swim skill, hold breath for 3xCon in rounds before making Constitution checks, Resistance to Fear effects from any source (4 to save, category reduced by one. Panicked→Frightened→Shaken→unaffected. Fear effects are still cumulative.)

Dorin: Permanent 1 Str, Resistance to Fear effects from any source (8 to save, category reduced by one. Panicked→Frightened→Shaken→unaffected. Fear effects are still cumulative.)


Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Jaros Point

Returning to Jaros Point by boat the characters witness the power of one of the largest psionic devices – the lighthouse of Jaros Point. The lighthouse works like a regular lighthouse sending its bright light out into the waters. However, to beings that are psionically sensitive enough it shines in brilliant colored bands. The rocky coast around Jaros Point makes it dangerous to just use the monochrome light to approach the town. Following the winding green light band a ship can pass through the rocky coast and navigate safely to the docks. Other colors represent the amount of deviation from the correct path.

What the party doesn’t know is that they are being followed. Led by a cleric of Nursshok, a band of lizard men pursue the party and attack the town of Jaros Point. At first, they only attack the dock area. When they realize that the town is actually up on the cliff top they attack the town also. Their objective is to find and hurt the people that assisted in killing the Midwife. Since the adventurers returned here from Sands they are starting here in their search for them. This is a wary group that thinks that the adventurers may be very powerful, but they are also aware that Barran was along. His reputation is well known to this group.

Barran’s group of people are also targets, but they are well protected in the town of Sands. The primary leader is in the waters around Sands waiting for them to construct another boat. The primary leader is outside of Sands because they believe Barran’s group to be a greater adversary than the adventurers.

These Lizard Men are what is left of a group that essentially worshipped the Midwife. After its death their influence has dropped dramatically. The priestess hopes that by making decisive blows against the ones who assisted in its death she can recover some of her influence. Unfortunately for her, the group sent to kill the party is not powerful to be a real threat to the town of Jaros Point or to the party.

Unkind Bard

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Jaros Point, Buntaros View

There is a bard that is singing a song about the evil acts performed by the notorious ‘Dorin Battlehammer and company’. In fact, there is such a bard in Jaros Point that has learned the song from a bard in Buntaros View. Dorin is unconcerned because he has made a mistake with his last name, but other party members convince him that this is something they have to stop or it will become a problem. The party confronts the bard and he tells them about the bard he learned the song from in Buntaros View. He doesn’t know the bard’s name though.

The party travels to Buntaros View without incident.

Asking around town and hanging out at various bars eventually leads them to the information that they want to know. His name is Luther Osymus. Luther is actually a polymorphed devil, although he hides it well. He is an Osyluth. He was summoned by Oren Patrimas – a spell caster in the employ of Kangar Gref. The devil has prevailed over Oren Patrimas but still is under the sway of the instructions it was given. Oren tried to convince the devil that spreading rumors about the players would be fun, but he resorted to demanding that the devil do it. However, the osyluth was able to convince (threaten) Oren’s imp familiar to free it of its binding (when Oren wasn’t around). The devil then surprised Oren is his own workshop and defeated him. At this point, the novelty of being on the prime material plane has it too giddy to do much more than cause problems disguised as a human.

After finding the shapechanged Osyluth (as Luther Osymus) and the Imp (as Oren Patrimas) in a bar in Deepwell, the players openly challenge them in the streets outside the bar. After the players kill them and the devils return to their normal form the public support for Luther and Oren disappears. The players require only a little assistance to prevent the dwarves on the devils side from getting into the fight.
The players acquire: Oren’s Shield Guardian. A little smaller and weaker than the typical variety, but still quite potent.

The apparent death of a citizen gets the city guard involved. The party is quickly absolved since the victims are infernal beings. However, Bragust Hoth, the local representative of the Golden Knights of Mazyur (paladins) is taking a keen interest.

Interviewing people that knew Oren and Luther leads them to Oren’s house. Bragust Hoth accompanies them. The house seems like a dead end until they discover a secret stairway leading down (what else?). The party is attacked by Oren as they reach the bottom of the stair. He tries to kill them with a fireball, but in his badly weakened (level drained) state he cannot conjure enough energy to finish them. His poor timing also means that he only got the first few members on the stairway. Gunter and Bragust quickly kill him.

Searching his belongings yields some potential evidence against Kangar Gref. They find a rather direct order for him to cause problems for Dorin and his friends signed only by ‘K’. This is enough to convince the party that Kangar was involved. The letter stays in the hands of Bragust for safekeeping in Buntaros View. He also uses it to help exculpate the party in regards to the murder of Oren.

The party decides that Kangar has too much influence for them to keep running away and that they will have to start trying to deal with him. Since Kangar does not know Gunter he decides to join Kangar’s school so that he can be close to him. Guntar successfully spies on Kangar by taking classes in his school. He did not do much investigation though. He has learned little that the others did not already know. He did ‘discover’ that Kangar Gref has two daughters. This should have been readily apparent to anyone who spent much time watching him. Feeling that he did not have the skills to spy on Kangar correctly – Gunter leaves the school. Before Gunter leaves he is present for a very special combat demonstration by Kangar that not only highlights Kangar’s fighting ability, but also introduces to the Stonewall community an old military friend of Kangar’s. A human named Magoo Klefenin. This old man is evidently the mentor of Kangar while he was a member of the Karistoman army.

The party decides to regroup in Deepwell.

Another Osyluth

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Deepwell and wilderness

What has become of the remaining Osyluth? What remaining Osyluth? Why the second one that Oren summoned, of course. You didn’t know about that one? Oh. Well neither did the party, until now that is.

The other Osyluth successfully stole the Battlehammer clan’s battlehammer. However, when it returned to its rental lair (room at an elvish inn, which the characters had not previously investigated, but had clues to) it was confronted by a paladin (Vania Ardent). She had discovered the devil and tracked it to its temporary abode. She wounded the Osyluth before it ran away. A wound from Vania’s sword prevents a creature from plane traveling for 10 days (Dimensional Anchor). The Osyluth escapes the combat and leaves Vania behind, unable to follow. Vania goes to the Battlehammer clan home to discuss what she has learned with the clan. At this time the players arrive to find the discord at the clan home due to the theft of the hammer. Several of Dorin’s siblings are preparing to search for the hammer. Vania suggests that a ranger/cleric (Skiritai) that has been accompanying her assist the players to find the Osyluth before it can escape back to Hell. She shows the players where she lost sight of the Osyluth. The players track the Osyluth north of High Tower and into the canyon with the dwarf statues and into the underground. The Osyluth having no other allies is creating undead as it goes and having them guard its retreat.
First encounter: zombie dwarven adventurers (x7).
Second encounter: skeletal kobolds (x56).
Third encounter: undead purple worm (x1).
Fourth encounter: the Osyluth and his summoned Lemures (x16).

The Osyluth tries to frighten the players by making an illusion of an Ice Devil coming to attack the party. Nicas dispels the illusion with magic missles.
The Osyluth sends its Lemures to attack and tries to divide the party by using ice walls during the fight. The Osyluth has much better Darkvision than any of the players and it knows it. The room that the encounter occurs in is so large that the devil can stay outside their range of sight and still use its Ice Wall ability. Nicas levitates Twylla to the top of the wall (thus preventing further castings to increase the height of the wall, as it is nearly to the roof). The Osyluth encases Nicas in a hemisphere of ice to reduce his effectiveness. The fighters are on one side of the wall and the bard, psion, and wizard are on the other. The fighters and Nicas’ shield guardian break their way through the wall. The Osyluth had tried to knock Twylla from the top of the wall. It failed the attempt, but Twylla tried to escape the Osyluth and fell anyway. The devil then started to attack the psion and the bard, hoping to kill them before the others broke through the ice wall. It did cause some wounds before the shield guardian broke through the wall allowing the fighters to cross through the boundary. It was killed before it could retreat.
Dorin recovered the family battlehammer.
The players also found:
(x3) potions of invisibility
(x2) potions of intelligence
(x1) potion of bull’s strength
+1 silver longsword of fire extinguishing (39 charges)
Boots of Spiderclimb

Introduction of Torgrim

Dorin Battlehammer
Nicas Veskor
Gunter Tornsong

Location: Grimthan and warrior’s tomb in the wilderness

In Deepwell and Stonewall:
A marriage between Kangar Gref’s daughter Ilga and Magdan Hillborn (the son of Magnus Hillborn) been arranged. The Magdan will proclaim that he loves Ilga, but in reality he is marrying her to settle his gambling debts (unknown to the party). He is very embarrassed by his debt and will go to great lengths to avoid having it discovered.

This is almost the fruition of Kangar’s plan. He intends to have his family become part of the royalty of the KoS. He will not personally be royalty, but his lineage will. Magdan Hillborn is the first son of Magnus Hillborn – the Captain of the watch. Magnus is the younger cousin of Ganthol Argus – the King. Magnus is actually the next in line to become king since Ganthol does not have any qualifying children currently. Although Magnus has a lower station than Dunragn Harn – General of the Defenders, and Hillias Laveroc – Grand Initiate of the Order of the Bow, should Ganthol die then both would support Magnus in his ascention to the crown. Of course, this means that Magdan would essentially be next in line and his children – Kangar’s grandchildren – would be after that. This would probably take 100 years or so, but dwarves have a lot of time on their hands. The important part is that Ganthol must be removed before he has heirs. Magdan and Magnus are unaware of Kangar’s schemes.

Kangar has been trying to make Ganthol a less popular regent by creating a feeling of insecurity around Deepwell. This will allow his future son-in-law to save the day by running off the various goblins and monstrous predators, as well as possibly catching the bandits that murdered the king. Also, the clerical talents of his daughter Ilga are bound to make her the friend of any dwarven squad under Magdan’s command.

The party has learned that Magdan Hillborn has announced that he is in love with Ilga Gref and is going to marry her soon. While they feel uneasy about this announcement and believe that it must be part of Kangar’s evil (their words, not mine) plans – they do not learn the significance of this until much later.

Meanwhile, in the party’s lives:
Torgrim is introduced as the spy sent down to the duergar town that the party discovered previously. The duergar town is called Grimthan. This is one of the remaining settlements after the dissolution of Lomishthan (large Duergar city of history). The duergar have been fighting a losing battle against a vampire (not Srindal). This town has only 200 duergar in it. Since the discovery by the player characters the inhabitants have decided to move so that the dwarves will not attack them in force. They have a few things to do before they go.
1) Tell Kangar Gref where they are going. Not the whole town – just Audhild Ungart.
2) Find an artifact that will help them in their fight against the vampire.

Torgrim has gained the confidence of Audhild during his spying operation. Audhild believes him to be from one of the other duergar settlements. Torgrim has found out about the 2nd goal above. The dwarf commander has decided that he does not want the duergar to possess whatever magic item they have found. He sends the player characters down to make sure that the duergar do not find it.

The players are changed to appear as duergar and journey down to Grimthan where they meet Audhild. He mentions that he already has a party going after the artifact, but he has another job that the players could do for him if possible. The other job is goal 1 from above. To do this he gives the players three items: a map to the meeting area with his associate (Audhild does not Kangar Gref by name), a map to where the duergar are moving to, and a statue of a snake that Audhild says allows him to contact ‘his associate’.

The players accept this job, without pay, because they think Kangar Gref will be on the other side – alone. They leave at about the same time as the duergar party that is looking for the artifact. Though given the chance to follow the searching party and succeed in their mission, they choose instead to work towards their own interests in Kangar Gref.
They meet some of the Vampire Spawn of the vampire that has been terrorizing the duergar. They take serious damage, but do win. The vampire spawn are forced away, but not destroyed. They then come to the caverns of the Carrion Crawlers. They kill only one Carrion Crawler and avoid the others. On the other side of the caverns is the rendezvous point. They deliver the information and snake statue to the guards that are stationed there. Torgrim has previously made copies of the maps that Audhild gave to him, so they have not lost any information. They talk to the guards for awhile. Disappointed that it is not Kangar Gref and that he is not likely to show up, they leave. The entire trip takes 4 days.

Undiscovered is the body of Ulegar Loderr (or what remains of it) in the Carrion Crawler infested caverns. This unfortunate dwarf in the owner of Fort Morgast (unknown to the party yet). Magoo has murdered him and threw him into the caverns. Magoo then used magic to take his place and make it look like he took a long trip to the south (after telling all of Ulegar’s friends that he did this, of course). Since the current inhabitants of Fort Morgast are from the south also, Kangar hopes that these clues will lead people to believe that Ulegar is somehow responsible for the raids by goblins and monsters when the Fort is discovered (which it will be. All part of the plan.).

They return to Grimthan. The town has been moved. Audhild is waiting for them. He tells them that the other party has not returned and that he has another map if they are interested in trying to get the artifact. The party agrees.

They find the location of the artifact without difficulty, using the map. It is a hill tomb.
The hill tomb has a few obstacles.
First, the cap rock has to be removed. This is not difficult with three strong characters.
Second, there is a shaft 65 ft deep that they have to climb down. Hiza almost dies falling from the rope. Nicas casts Feather Fall, and Hiza uses her Cat’s Fall power. She does not die but the party gets more cautious and decides that a knotted rope should be employed.
The first room is a burial chamber (fake). The players remove the sarcophagus cap rock and immediately get attacked by an animated statue. The statue wields a +2 heavy mace and a +1 shield. Figuring that nobody goes searching for a measly heavy mace, they search for secret doors.
Third, they find the hidden passage leading from the room. At the end of the passage is another pit that leads down to a pool of water. The pool has two water elementals hiding in the pool. Nicas uses his lightning bolts to kill the water elementals.
Fourth, there is an open room with a wand of magic missle erected at the center. Anyone who comes into the room gets missles shot at them. There are 4 missles at each casting. This is the last obstacle before the actual burial chamber. A dash across the room to grab the wand and remove it from its holder is all that is needed to disarm the trap.
The burial chamber has 5 bodies in it. One in each corner and one in the sarcophogus. None of them are undead (although the party suspects they are for some reason). There are: four +1 suits of studded leather, four +1 small wooden shields, one +1 longsword, one +1 battleaxe, one +1 morningstar, one +1 shortspear, four silver rings worth 55gp each, four fine cloaks worth 350gp each, four regular heavy crossbows, four chests with the following contents each:10,000cp 1,400sp 170gp, 40pp. The sarcophagus contains: one +2 splint mail, one +1 mace of disruption, one Rod of Searing Light – 8th level – 18 charges, two blocks of Incense of Meditation, one Ring of Climbing. 30,000cp 1,500sp, 500gp, 90 pp, and some gems: 50gp, 11gp, 90gp, 100gp.

The party returns directly to Deepwell leaving Audhild wondering what happened. They must be careful since they have been polymorphed into Duergar by Linthoram Malocra. They must contact him first so that they can get him to undo the spell before they are spotted by dwarven or elven guards. A task made more difficult by the heightened alertness of Deepwell’s denizens because of the recent depredations by goblins. However, they party makes it back without incident.


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