A quick description of the places in the campaign

Deepwell / Sayas Umbril – Deepwell is a dwarven city located in a low mountain range, not more than 6000 ft elevation. A city/state actually, it is a member state of a dwarven alliance known as the Kingdoms of Sahnt. Sayas Umbril is an elven city that resides on the surface above Deepwell – sharing the forest with the exposed surface gateway of the dwarven stronghold. These are true dwarven and elven cities in the sense that there are few members of other races residing there.

Kingdoms of Sahnt (KoS) – Hill Dwarf Kingdoms ruled by a High King chosen by the Council of Kings. (This process is somewhat like choosing a Pope. Once it is done, they rule for life.)

Iarn Agdar – An old dwarven city deep in the KoS. This is a large city the members of its elite hold much influence in the KoS.

High Tower – A ruined Dwarven town. Earth quakes and other things destroyed this dwarven town beyond the ability to be repaired. There exists a small town around a central tower. The central tower leads down into the undercity. The undercity is mostly ruined also. There are some guards above in the dilapidated tower.

Stonewall – A large dwarven city. The races here are mixed much like a human city, but without half-orcs.

Pick Ring – A dwarven settlement. A small town developed around a mining camp.

Arrow Creek – A small town (pop. approx. 500) is the southern area of the KoS. It is a walled town.

Palef/Good Grain – A former forest of an Elf Nation, now a grassland covered with Human (and Halfling) villages known as Good Grain. Some of the stumps of the old Elven trees exist, several of which have been converted to either housing or grain silos.

Township of Iberal – Enclave of Psions.

Jaros Point – Small community near the ocean. Mixed human, gnome, and halfling. Primarily a fishing village.

Buntaros View – Nearest trade center to the Kingdoms of Sahnt. Human city.

Goodspring – A small human village of about 100 residents. Edge of KoS.

Nations of Task (Destroyed) – A former ally of the Country of Jacon. The two prevailed against the declining Empire of Herat.

Empire of Herat – The civilization that preceeded the Empire of Karistoman. While it was big for its time, it was not as large as Karistoman Empire.

Karistoman Empire – The reigning empire today. Its border is technically further to the west, although it claims dominion over Good Grain.

Volkapi Desert (Volkapi Steppes) – The Volkapi Desert is between the Volkapi Steppes and the mountains of the Kingdoms of Sahnt. The Desert is more arid than the Steppes and occupies an area that used to be part of the steppes until the mountains got more expansive. The steppes are the home to numerous orc clans – only poor orcs live in the desert.

Lomishthan – Underground country of Duergar (historical). It was nearby the Kingdoms of Sahnt.

Grimthan – A short lived Duergar settlement very close to the Deepwell/Hightower area.

Narleth Hearth – A borderlands human settlement. Near Bergbui.

Bergbui – Territories of giants.

Highland settlements – Halflings. They ride war rams. Favorite magics to augment war rams are jumping and strength enchantments.


Deepwell / Sayas Umbril Lwellyn